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The government of Greece suggests to start to collect taxes from church

that the last some months occur in Greece, differently as national madness to name difficult.

Athenes rages. Strikes follow one another. Collisions with police in streets of the Greek capital became almost ordinary phenomenon. In the meantime the prime minister of Greece rushes about on the world in search of saving billions, and its government tries to convince the population that it is necessary to cease to live beyond the means. And it means - to reduce pensions, salaries and social benefits, having increased taxes and custom charges. In parallel the authorities promise to develop to the middle of May a new variant of the report on intermediate term budgetary prospects on 2011 and 2012.

that the situation in Greece is really close to accident, says at least that fact that in the government for the first time have started talking about necessity to start to collect taxes from the Greek church. This year between expenses and state incomes it is necessary for Athenes for a difference covering about 54 billion euro. Thus in April and May under credits the Greek government should pay 20 billion euro.

And here the democracy cradle has not burst, and has simply broken. It has appeared that the Greek people have simply weaned to earn to itself on life own work. The Greeks who have left on streets are assured that will not pay off, as they consider, for errors of the authorities. However it is necessary to remind that the Greek word democracy it is translated as management of the people, instead of as the right to rush by stones in streets of the Greek cities. But the government working in Athenes is difficult for ranking as those who is not subject to public opinion. These politicians were chosen recently by the Greek people.

Differently, all Greeks, and not just ministers were mistaken. And the main error more than is obvious - it is time to start working. Those who happened in Greece, should pay attention, for example, to the schedule of work of local shops. In the summer they do not work all the day long. In the rests of the time of year are closed in already early evening. The Greek state employees also are difficult for suspecting of desire to remain on work and to earn for the state superfluous billion.

From the Greek government if also it is necessary to demand something so it is reductions of own salaries and expenses, and also the prompt working out of the accurate plan of the further actions on an exit from a critical situation. Other part of a difficult way should be passed to all inhabitants of Greece.

Seeing, as Greeks reluctantly leave illusions concerning possibility both further with impunity and carefree to live exclusively on credit, leaders of other European countries absolutely logically do not hasten to Athenes to the aid.

There are no doubts that the more Greeks will leave and further on demonstration against actions of own government, the it is less, for example, at Paris or Berlin will be desires to unfasten Greece superfluous billion. After all if Greeks are not ready to tighten a belt why tax bearers in other European countries should do it, rescuing neighbours? It is assured that each member of EU now in the conditions of world financial crisis will have many national programs and occasions to enclose billions euro which Athenes needs. Because Ministers of Finance of the countries of an eurozone also do not hasten to allocate Greece the concrete sums, being limited to statements: Come tomorrow .