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In medrese Musljumovsky area of Tatarstan have organised monthly fairs of bachelors

to Relieve peasants of loneliness and to help to find it pair have solved the authorities of Musljumovsky area of Tatarstan. Under their initiative in medrese now every month pass unprecedented fairs of bachelors.

News has quickly flown about all to district. The imam of a local mosque of Fazyl Sadriev has apprehended it sceptically. To choose the girlfriend of life, precisely honey, at rural fair is, know, already too! Especially when in your life already there was one sad story... For the first time Fazyl married absolutely young. The passion has flashed, as a spark. Did not frighten neither a dissimilarity of characters, nor frequent quarrels. And when the son was born, he and at all was in the seventh heaven. Thought: all will be processed, will settle. But does not happen. Shortly after Fazyl has had an accident and not only its work capacity, but also life have appeared under the threat, the family has cracked on seams. It was necessary to get over from Naberezhnye Chelny to parents in village that in several kilometres from village Musljumovo. Has gradually risen on feet. Has received the second higher education in Russian - Islamic university. But second half and has not met. And here, let doubtful, but all - taki chance. Besides on Islam it is necessary: if call - it is necessary to go. Has decided to risk. Before fair has come into a mosque, has asked blessings for the Allah. And the sky has heard it.

- At first to me all was wildly, - remembers Fazyl. - the Eye is not dared to lift. It was always heavy to me to get acquainted with girls. A barrier at me, understand? And when has seen Fljuzu, precisely cupid in heart has started up an arrow.

And it has appeared coincidence too much. She also sat akkurat opposite to it and the same as it, has been dissolved, even sons at them have appeared one age, only one of them lived in Boats, and the second - in Nizhnekamsk. And, judging by the questionnaire, the woman was ready to live with parents of the future spouse, to esteem and help them - and for Fazyla it was hardly not the main condition. Here only Fljuza has not made out it. And the pair, judging by results of exhibition elections, at them has not developed.

- I am simple zastesnjalas, - is hardly audible, having looked down, in broken Russian Fljuza admits. Only leaving it has confessed that very much to it has attracted hazrat. Organizers have reacted instantly. In a minute of steam already silently communicated, in couple of weeks have arranged shows with parents, and on the birthday Fazyl has given itself the best gift - has brought home the wife.

- I also did not guess that can be so warmly, - Fljuza confusedly smiles. - the Former husband of saws yes beat all, even the son did not want to recognise. And now - flowers, love, care, and children are happy. I so love it that all time I am afraid to lose.

And after all from that fair of bachelors memorable for them has passed a year.

According to the assistant to the head of Musljumovsky rural settlement Lilii Sadrievoj, each acquaintance is far not comes to an end with wedding. For that time that in area there pass fairs of bachelors, in them has taken part more than three hundred persons. 60 steams (a family, truth, four of them have created while only) were formed. But on this, under the account where correspondents have visited, such miracle does not happen to the seventeenth fair.

Time on time is not necessary. There were cases when here, in small medrese, enviable grooms and brides gathered so much that the apple had to fall. Today is more modest: eight free young ladies from family bonds and twelve single eagles. Here there are also those to whom else for thirty, and those to whom to sixty. All elegant, excited and with serious intentions (the last - an indispensable condition for participation in fair). Irresolutely take places behind the covered tables established opposite each other. At everyone on a breast number. All of them before getting here, have filled the questionnaire. In it have told about itself, favourite, and at the same time have specified, what requirements show to second half. Grooms and brides gradually examine each other. Much, especially to men, awkwardly. After all at Tatars never marrying person, that is bujdak, all the same that the loser. And in the meantime the leader declares - acquaintance. Having reached the lady of respectable age, is perplexed: from last fair the bride one has left not.

- Two months with the old man have lived, has not developed... Has decided to try happiness again.

the Majority at fair for the first time. Here there are machine operators and beginning businessmen, cattle breeders, teachers, lawyers. Being confused, explain the single position. Someone the girl has not waited from army, someone has divorced, and someone simply has not met the girl of the dream - in village where he lives, unmarried women are not present.

- When was younger, so much little girls good were, - speak 35 - summer Alfred Habirov. - But then about marriage to think was early. On feet strong has not risen. It would not be desirable, that my wife in something needed, and to provide it as I would be necessary then could not.

Other variants on village are simply inconceivable. The husband is obliged to contain a family. The wife - to conduct an economy and to be the good girlfriend, it is even better - matur (beautiful), and by all means to esteem the father-in-law with the mother-in-law. It is interesting that almost all grooms have unanimously told, the spouse should be hard-working. Only one of them has specified:

- At me in an economy three cows. I itself milk their seven years and further itself I will milk. It is just necessary for me, that there was a simple, modest, understanding woman at home.

In the rest requirements have dispersed: One submit by all means long and that under a bayan could sing others agree on proud, a little bit malicious, with character and cheerful and smiling the third wish to find rich and believing . Thus to live with akyllym that in translation into Russian the clear head means, units are ready only.

- I clever did not meet, - one of participants admits to me later. - besides clever is always canny.

women of requirements to the potential companion have less. The main thing, that the husband respected, understood and loved was a sincere support pleasant in dialogue that with it it would be desirable to be near and to drink a seagull well and, by itself, that did not drink, did not smoke . And flowers here - hardly not in each kitchen garden. The salary of the future spouse also was not discussed - not in money happiness, besides national traditions basically do not suppose thought that the man can live off the darling. Dialogue with each other, times reminding sword-play, comes to an end with tea drinking. Then participants should name number which has pleasant to them. Coincidence - a zero. So-called happy pair it was not formed. But what it for not clear chaos in the doorway? It appears, some men had time to change the opinion. Here also try to find out from organizers phone of this or that lady. As drowning catch at any straw - if only once and for all to finish loneliness. The happiness is close.

- The one who is married and is well off, is not capable to realise completely a problem of the lonely person, - the head of Musljumovsky municipal area Rishat Habipov speaks. - When I grew, at us unmarried men in village at all were not. Even that who for any reason remained one, through any time found pair. And we have villages on 200 court yard, where almost forty bachelors at the age from 30 till 60 years, and never married. In total in area with the population more than 22 thousand persons of 646 lonely men. And we still are surprised, why the village dies! It was necessary as - that to help people in conditions when the institute of matchmakers which always were at mosques, is destroyed, and dating services have broken up. After all how many we cared of quality of life, the person if it one, hardly can feel happy, and the demographic situation at such state of affairs becomes better not. Here also have decided to arrange fairs of bachelors. However, while they remind show more. And this work should be individual, and we to it will come.

As he said, soon it is necessary to be engaged in the device of private life of local residents closely to heads of rural settlements. In particular, their secretaries it is planned to appoint responsible for selection of second half for fellows villager. In area have already started creation of an electronic databank about lonely people. The information on everyone who would like to find second half is literally one of these days, will appear on a special site.

- If the necessary nominee of the wife or the husband will not be in our area, we will search in next - Menzelinsky, Aktanyshsky, - considers Rishat Habipov.

However to search, probably, it is necessary not for long. The glory about fairs of bachelors in Musljumovo (and this social project, by the way, has been awarded the grant of the government of Tatarstan at a rate of 200 thousand roubles) has fallen outside the limits for a long time republic.

Here brides already address for the help to local authorities from all Russia. Recently the next letter from Ural Mountains, for example, has come: the lonely woman - the doctor wishes to get acquainted...