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Uranium globalisation

Russian ARMZ and Canadian Uranium One have exchanged actives

In the conditions of crisis Russian atomshchiki try to strengthen the positions in the world market, and it is possible to recognise their efforts successful. Yesterday Russian uranodobyvajushchy holding “ Atomredmetzoloto “ (ARMZ) declared the transaction which will allow it to receive 16,6 % of actions Canadian Uranium One in exchange for 50 % of actions of the Kazakh deposit “ Karatau “ and 90 million dollars

ARMZ is included into structure “ Rosatom ­“ in it are consolidated all uranodobyvajushchie the state corporation enterprises in Russia and abroad. In 2008 it is extracted 3687 t uranium.

Uranium One - the Canadian company with free - float 100 %, is registered in Canada and the republic of South Africa. The company owns shares in deposits of Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada, Australia ­ and the republic of South Africa. The total volume of extraction in 2008 has made 1102 t uranium. Actions Uranium One bargain at stock exchanges in Toronto and Johannesburg.

ARMZ in March declared the repayment at the co-owner “ metalloinvesta “ Vasily Anisimov of the Dutch company Effective Energy N V. owning actions of the Kazakh uranium deposits “ Karatau “ (50 %) and “ Akbastau “ (25 %). As it has appeared, this purchase was only a stage on a way to more scale transaction. Yesterday the Russian uranium holding declared agreement undertaking with Canadian Uranium One on which ARMZ changes the 50 - a percentage share in “ Karatau “ on 16,6 % of actions Uranium One (117 million pieces which will be let out in a kind dopemissii). Besides, Canadians will pay in addition to the Russian company of 90 million dollars Thus the transaction price can increase depending on financial and industrial indicators “ Karatau “ within three years. Besides, ARMZ has acquired the right to finish the share in Uranium One to 19,95 % of actions without additional coordination with company management.

Also the parties have signed the agreement on acquisition of the uranium made by the Canadian company on which ARMZ has the right to half of the uranium concentrate made “ Karatau “ or to 20 % of all concentrate made Uranium One, depending on what volume of production is more. In ARMZ have specified that now the holding will get access to bolshemu to quantity of uranium, than its present share in “ Karatau “. As general director ARMZ Vadim Zhivov has noted, thanking these transactions Russian ­“ the company has moved on the fifth place in the world on capitalisation among uranodobyvajushchih the companies and on the first place under the extraction cost price “ (in Kazakhstan the ­ cost price ­ of extraction of one pound (450) uranium makes about 15 dollars and it is considered one of the lowest in the world at spotovyh the prices of an order 50 dollars) . As the transaction demands approval of some state bodies of Kazakhstan and Australia­, the parties expect to close it by the end of 2009. As a result of ARMZ becomes the second strategic investor Uranium One (the transaction on sale of the same quantity of actions to the second investor also should be closed till the end of the year, it is the Japanese consortium from companies Toshiba, power company TEPCO and the governmental bank JBIC) thanks to what will have an opportunity to enter two representatives in board of directors Uranium One (only 12 persons) and to appoint two persons to supervising posts in the company. G - n Zhivov says that ARMZ also considers a variant of transfer Uranium One of the share and in Akbastau if that will be demanded by expansion of geography of the international presence ­ of holding.

Michael Stiskin from the company “ the Three Dialogue “ considers an exchange successful for both parties. Uranium One can increase the presence at Kazakhstan and receive the second strong strategic investor, and ARMZ - deliveries of uranium from mines Uranium One and possibility to develop through Canadians the international presence.