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The order beats a class

intermediate results of the championship of Russia on football

In the championship of Russia on football the summer break has begun. Matches next 13 - go round will be played only on July, 10-13th. Though almost four-week pause not all to liking, players already part in holidays, and in clubs are going to meet fully armed a hot time of opening of a summer transfer window. While it is possible to bring some intermediate results of superiority.

after 12 - go round to surprise of many standings has headed FK Moscow . Townspeople stars from the sky do not suffice, however look extremely reliably. Their head coach Miodrag Bozhevich even since work in native Montenegro and Serbia has got used to build game of the commands, proceeding from rather modest possibilities of wards and operating with not less modest resources. At it it turns out to make collective - a candy even from not the most class players. Stability and absence of sharp differences in game, characteristic for Moscow are extremely important for those Russian clubs which put in this season before itself the high purposes. After all the main feature of the present championship is full unpredictability of outcomes of matches even then when leaders meet outsiders or serednjakami. This tendency was issued last year, but in current superiority unpredictability, apparently, has reached the apogee.

such state of affairs twists a spring of an internal intrigue of tournament so, raises to it interest to a limit. But it eloquently speaks about absence in our country of superclubs. And if in an UEFA Cup which will be replaced in the future autumn by League of Europe, our football has already grown to victories to raise at triumph in League of champions to domestic commands while early. But it is necessary to notice that as a whole Russian the prime minister - the league last years has fine added. The potential in due course to turn to the present grandees of the European football, already now with a certain stretch is available for four - five clubs from the top part of current standings. Someone from them has already tasted sweet fruits of a victory at continental level. Someone very much wants to make it. And precisely all of them mark in national champions. However all of them yet do not have for this competent management, star football players in structures, and also the order multiplied by a class in fights on green fields. Now in Russia the order frequently is not combined with a class, and beats him. Acknowledgement of that, by the way, also is leadership FK Moscow .