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“ the Top “ and “ the Kitty “

triumph “ a new drama “ has taken place at festival “ a Kinotavr “

In Sochi has finished the work open Russian festival “ a Kinotavr “. The Grand jury led by producer Sergey Seljanovym has distributed prizes. Basically the decision of judges seemed true. Though without points at issue too has not managed.

Vasily Sigareva`s debut picture " became the absolute leader on number of the received awards; the Top “. The tape took Gran - at festival, Vasily Sigarev is awarded a prize of Grigory Gorin “ For the best scenario “ actress Yana Troyanov became the winner in a category “ For Best Actress “. Sigarev - the present opening “ a Kinotavr “: display of its picture was waited by everything, the premiere has passed successfully and the first pancake has not turned out a clod. And it is good that Sigarev did not begin to picturize well-known “ Plasticine “ Also has insisted on, that anybody, except it, “ the Top “ did not remove.

one more representative “ a new drama “ which itself writes texts and them picturizes, - Ivan Vyrypaev. In Sochi with the new tape Kislorod it has received an award “ For direction “. Besides, a prize of Mikaela Tariverdiev “ For the best music to a film “ the command from three composers has won: Aydar Gajnullina, Andrey Samsonov and Sergey Efremenko. Music in a film of Vyrypaeva is essentially important­, after all the film structure is similar to the musical album consisting of ten songs - stories and two bonus - tracks.

that happens infrequently, the opinion of critics has coincided with opinion of jury. Guild of film experts and film critics the award “ the White elephant “ has handed over to two works - “ to the Top “ and tape Kislorod. Thus, on “ a Kinotavr “ there was the real triumph “ a new drama “. The absolute victory was gained by works of those authors which are ready to speak with the spectator a modern language, to be beyond habitual forms. It pleases someone, someone revolts, someone is not ready to name yet these works as films in the pure state. But it is impossible to deny that fact that we had a new generation of directors.

basically Kislorod could take one more award - Andrey Naidyonov could hand over a prize “ For the best camerawork “: in a picture the different manner of the shooting, different receptions is combined, oxygen atmosphere is created. But judges have chosen Dmitry Jashonkova - the operator of a film Igor Voloshin “ I “. Perhaps, such decision of jury too has upset nobody. But strong bewilderment has caused award delivery “ For Best Actor “ to Boris Kamorzinu who has played at Nikolay Homeriki in “ to the Fairy tale about darkness “. All believed that the award will be received by Sergey Drejden who was objectively the best with the strange hero in Boris Hlebnikova`s picture “ the Mad help “. When from a scene the name of the winner has sounded, public began to remember convulsively at first whom he played, and then to be surprised, why for this role. But, probably, to judges the final film frame where hero Kamorzina sends the main heroine where far away was remembered.

Concerning an award in a similar female category surprise was not so great, but nevertheless many expected that a prize will hand over to Svetlana Krjuchkovoj who masterly plays the grandmother in a picture “ Bury me behind a plinth “. But the jury has preferred not to go by the way of encouragement of habitual academism and on the foreground has deduced the young. It was possible to assume such, especially if to consider that the chairman of a judiciary board Sergey Seljanov is famous for the predilection for rather not ordinary works.

Perhaps, not ordinary it is possible to name and the film which has closed “ a Kinotavr “. It is Grigory Konstantinopolsky`s picture “ the Kitty “. The review composition was girdled: it has opened the almanac “ Short circuit “ also has come to the end too with the almanac. “ a kitty “ consists of four short stories: “ the Mad ballerina “ “ the Marriage of convenience “ “ the Strange dream “ “ the Kitty, or from the author “. Each short story - the history of one person played by one actor in the form of a monologue. In each of short stories play Michael Efremov, Alexander Strizhenov, Victor Sukhorukov, Evgenie Stychkin. All actors appear in unusual images for us. Efremov plays grown old and to nobody the necessary ballerina, Strizhenov talks to us as the groom - the businessman, Sukhorukov has dressed a children`s cap and has turned to the one-year-old child, and Stychkin has created an image of the creator which has caught the muse for a tail. To a word about creators and artists, a caption in a film is solved as a figure of theatre of puppets, no less than heroes - some kind of a puppet in someone`s skilful hands. In a picture it is a lot of humour, at all simplicity it is a lot of metaphors, but the main thing - she allows actors to show the skill completely. And, perhaps, last, but important circumstance - the film budget has made all 50 thousand dollars, and he acted in film within five days. During crisis this direct proof to that good tapes can be removed and with small means.