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In a collection StrAjTek the gold medal

the Amusing case has increased has occurred in small town Butte (Butte) western - American state Montana. The police searches for the malefactor, which past Friday in 3. 00 has got into local bowling - centre Kingpin, has stolen 8 spheres and has disappeared in an unknown direction. After a while the car in which there was a thief and its accomplice, has been stopped by police. The driver and the passenger have tried to seek safety in flight. The driver managed to be detained, and accusations in theft, careless driving and a finding at the wheel in a state of intoxication are brought to it. The police expects to catch its accomplice in the near future. What for the thief needed to steal eight spheres for bowling, remains not clear.
detective bowling - history has published site Montanasnewsstation. com. Now all boulery staff should tremble and reliably hide the spheres. Fortunately, in us sharomanjaki are not found out yet, and fans of bowling can feel quiet and even to appear on public. Than, actually, some of them also were engaged last Wednesday, the blessing to that there was a fine occasion: competitions of commands of First league IT of a battalion of the Corporate championship on bowling.
in a bowling palace Megasphere on Leninsk the prospectus where took place tournament, this evening it was especially cosy: after an autumn bad weather wonderfully warmed walls and, as always - warm house atmosphere. And competitions as - that resembled friendly game more, it was difficult to present that these lovely communicating people - contenders, and on a game are put a cup, medals and a place in a rating.
but judges did not allow to commands to relax and constantly reminded of the purpose of their presence on paths, declaring results of the next series. The tenth place among representatives of league was occupied with a command OCS II Representing company OCS. It was beaten become by the ninth command Atlantos (company CPM). Only 12 size have decided destiny of the eighth place in the game table - on has outstripped " so much; Atlantos a command ELVIS + (ELVIS - PLUS).
the Command Datatel (Joint-Stock Company Datatel ) Has risen on one line in comparison with results of August competitions, and there was the seventh. On the sixth place there was a command the Symbol - Automatics (the SYMBOL - AUTOMATICS), conceded to Kaspersky`s Laboratorians (Kaspersky`s Laboratory) only ten size.
only four representatives of the weaker sex took part in tournament, therefore intrigues with medal draw in individual offset among girls it has not turned out. Nadija Chistjakova from OCS has shown in the fourth game result 167 which could become prize-winning if Elena Kulikova in the second game has not beaten out 182 size, for as has received a medal. So a symbol - Automatics though has not entered into number of winners, the award of a visor all the same.
on the fourth place - a command OCS (OCS) which has risen on two lines of standings in comparison with last month.
the command " became the Bronze prize-winner of competitions; - the SOFTWARE (- the Software). It has taken away and the remained medals for personal records which were established by Andrey Zhdanov, apparently, more the than the others aimed at a victory. However, on the first game such impression did not develop, but other three Andrey has spent, showing the higher skill level, with series of strikes relying in such cases. It has received the medals for the best man`s result - 231, shown in the fourth game, and for the best series - 760.
the Second place was occupied with a command Microsoft (Microsoft). To a gold medal to it has not sufficed only 15 - ti size! The best players of the team to the last struggled for a rank of the champions, the started strikes and doubles have not helped. It reserves a title of the silver prize-winner the second month successively and while it is the best result of a command for all season.
the command " became the winner of competitions; StrAjTek (Ah - Teko). In August it could not rise above the fourth line of the table, and one month earlier as was the gold medallist. Thus, in a command collection now - two higher awards, but in the general command rating it while takes only the sixth place. The first, second and third places have divided U - SOFT Bank of Moscow and FOX MIEL .
we will wish sportsmen of good luck in following competitions, and still - not to lose vigilance, remembering malefactors, and to hide the spheres in a reliable place. For example, under a pillow.
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