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The first and not last

the Surprising thing: a broadcasting company NTV - PLUS there are already almost fifteen years, all these years are taken by active part in amateur football competitions, but own tournament is no. To correct this misunderstanding the Group of companies " has solved; Our League charged the shoulders the organisation and carrying out of the first corporate NTV Cup - PLUS on football.
- I hope that tournament will have constant character, - Maria Gusarova (public relations - the director " speaks; Our League ) . - Already now quantity wishing to take in it part has exceeded number of available places, from - for what some collectives had to refuse. The next year we plan to make competitions more globally and to invite much more commands.
the first successes of organizers became appreciable to an exit of sportsmen on a smart artificial lawn of stadium the Falcon : in Moscow the tremendous weather which has become by apogee of Indian summer reigned. Participants of competitions and their fans were met by Nobel Arustamjana`s who has noted the day before 24 vigorous voice - letie. The yesterday`s birthday man has presented participants of tournament and has asked a to speak to George Cherdantsevu who has congratulated Russian national team on a victory over Slovakia and has wished all beautiful game.
a team NTV - PLUS has arrived in star enough structure: George Cherdantsev, Michael Melnikov, Artem Shmelkov... There was no only Konstantin Genicha which absence has been caused by industrial necessity.
- to leave counted, at least, from group, - Michael Melnikov has laconically designated problems of a command.
such groups was four, on five commands in everyone. First two places guaranteed an exit in gold plej - off, the third and the fourth - in silver and the fifth - road home. Last factor has appeared rather effective: to occupy last line and ahead of schedule to leave tournament it would be desirable to nobody, therefore struggle in all groups boiled to the end. The first meeting pljusovtsev has adjusted their admirers on an optimistical harmony. CHerdantsev and To beautiful have unrolled collective under the name PrintER. And with the account 4:0, and George was noted by a goal pass.
- we have shown excellent game, - Cherdantsev after a final whistle has told. - Not bad combined, the blessing the contender slow and allowed to operate in a pass. From - for traumas I did not play football two years and have received now inexpressible pleasure. Pleases that there are no setups. And that usually on similar tournaments instead of employees of the organisations come were mini - the football players transforming a sports holiday in waste of time.
despite successful start to develop success to owners of tournament it was not possible. In a following match ntvshniki with the minimum account have conceded to a command of the Vladimir television, and then, owning overwhelming advantage, gate " could not unpack; MSP Bank . To be hooked for the second place NTV - to PLUS it was necessary to beat not only the group best team, but also, perhaps, all tournament - Metal the Profile . Cruel struggle which has come to the end with the productive drawn game which has sent a command of a broadcasting company to battle for less prestigious cup was in the field developed literally words. However to overcome a quarterfinal lath to the main heroes of the festivities it was not possible - NTV - PLUS to the accompaniment of loud discontent of Artema Shmelkova has conceded to Rostelecom with the account 0:3.
Metal the Profile became a stumbling-block and for other representatives of mass media - Sports. ru . The nice command popular the Internet - a portal for which some leading journalists played, could do nothing with metallistami in gold a quarterfinal. The team " marvellously has successfully acted; Radio Russian . For lack of Vadim Galagina Max Orlov and To could reach the third place that is similar to Russian national team bronze on football in last European championship.
however offenders ruskoradijnoj commands - MZHBK, at all did not remind local Spain, and were faster outsiders in this pair. Nevertheless, the collective of Bridge ferro-concrete designs from Dmitrova in a semi-final has won a strong-willed victory over Radio Russian and in a decisive match has managed to defend the minimum advantage under a powerful impact Profile Metal . The destiny of a meeting was solved by blow with penal after which the ball a ricochet from a head of one of defenders has accurately flown in the nine . The victory in a silver cup has got to command MRTS, whose group of support tirelessly supported the favourites throughout all tournament. Emertesovtsy Argentina playing to an ill-matched form of the team and named Cherdantsevym the Argentina refugees, have confidently reached the ending where without problems have beaten the Block - Motors - a command of the official dealer Hyundai in Russia.
the last, by the way, were an important part of the taken place holiday. During competitions was tested - a drive of new model Hyundai and on the termination of football tournament all prize-winners have been awarded to certificates on installation of the additional equipment at car purchase in the dealer centre of the Korean company. Besides certificates, medals and cups to a three of winners gold tournament have handed over full packages of gifts from the Block - Motors . Football players MZHBK who have taken the first place have taken hold of the main prize - a satellite plate NTV - PLUS . The best players of tournament have received gift certificates from travel agency Tez - Round . Rewarding occurred within the limits of a closing ceremony which was crowned characteristic for such cases with a song of group Queen and a streamer falling from above. Summarising undoubtedly gone right action, Cherdantsev has expressed huge gratitude to all participants, assistants and partners, and also has promised that NTV Cup - PLUS becomes traditional corporate tournament. Exclusively fans will play it, and the television commentator will personally watch that did not come mini - football players from outside.