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Take part in corporate tournament on football the Autumn Cup

RosBusinessConsulting together with agency of corporate actions IntelSport continues a series of corporate tournaments on mini - to football. Considering positive experience of the previous tournaments, we declare carrying out of the Autumn Cup on mini - to football among corporate commands. And IntelSport invites all companies fond of sports and having a corporate command, to take part in the Autumn Cup on mini - to football. Tournament will take place on October, 14th, 2007 on Sunday at stadium New Khimkis (city district Khimki, street Mashintseva, the house 2). To become the participant of tournament, it is necessary to collect a command a minimum from five (four in the field plus the goalkeeper), a maximum from ten persons. The command should represent this or that company operating in any sphere of business. One of conditions of participation in tournament - absence in a command of professional football players. All players should represent the company for which they play. During preparation for tournament of the name of teams - participants will often appear on various information resources, and also on tapes of information partners of tournament. All participants of tournament, besides medals, diplomas and the Cup, will receive valuable prizes and mass illumination in a press. The three of prize-winners of tournament also is awarded by bonuses for participation in the further sports actions. Tournament regulations:
16 commands broken into 4 groups participate In competitions. In each group passes circular tournament. The commands which have taken first two places in each group, leave in a quarterfinal. The commands which have taken the third and fourth places in groups, struggle for places with 9 - go on 16 - e. Tournament is spent with draw of all places, that is each of commands will spend exactly on 6 matches. Matches pass on simplified mini - to football rules. Match time - 2 times for 10 minutes. The quantity of replacements is not limited. The size of balls - the five . Tournament will be served by professional judges. Timely first medical aid in case of traumas is guaranteed. About other conditions of participation in tournament it is possible to learn by e-mail or by phones: 363 - 72 - 54 and 8 - 909 - 954 - 5632.