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The Lithuanian businessman intends to buy the Russian club

Known Lithuanian businessman Vladimir Romanov admitted that wishes to get the Russian football club. In particular, recently on it left with the offer to become the owner situated near Moscow Saturn .
- How many at you all clubs?
- Zhalgiris - basketball. Except it, three football clubs: Lithuanian Kaunas Scottish Harts and Belarus MTZ - Ripo . It turns out, in total four clubs.
- speak, you wish to get the fifth. It is truth that with you communicated from Saturn also suggested to redeem club?
- Truth. On me left in the end of the last year. With official representatives Saturn conversation was not, communicated through intermediaries. Interest to the Russian football at me was always and it does not cool down. Conversations on possible acquisition of this or that club from Russia were and earlier. Frighten, of course, some nuances. Baskakov, for example, - Romanov grins, remembering a match 3 - go a selection round of League of champions AEK - Harts in 2006 - m when, according to the businessman, the Russian arbitrator has frankly condemned its command. could not present such refereeing in the most terrible nightmares, - has acted then Romanov with the statement on an official site Harts . - the Arbitrator has openly told to us that we have not paid to it for any game in Liepae, and consequently it us now will bury . - I can not suffer secret football!
- at what stage there are negotiations?
- we Will tell so, these are negotiations at an offer stage. Probably, it is necessary to meet or owners of club, or with the competent persons representing a command.
- That is in the near future you can be expected in Moscow or Moscow suburbs?
- If will invite, I will arrive. I from Lithuania should clean all economy, here already there is no football. It is any totalizatornaja league: football players, federation - all without exception play offices. I am not going to participate in it.
- what your conditions? The stadium and base should be transferred to balance of club?
- At present any conditions I do not put, because at first it is necessary to familiarise with club economic activities. For example, I do not know, what gathering from sale of the tickets, what balance. It is necessary to look at all economy. As to base it is possible and to take it in rent. The main thing all - taki - a command.
- you have at least informed, what at club a debt in the size in 800 million roubles?
- How many it in transfer into dollars? 26 million? Debts in football clubs is a law...

- what for to you the Russian club? It exclusively interest to football or business - the project?
- Purely interest. Time in Lithuania is not present football, it is necessary to develop it in other places, to throw to Russia any players.
- that is in the event that become the owner Saturn it is possible to expect arrival to club of the Lithuanian football players?
- If will pass in structure why is not present? If it is fair, I do not see for today any a top - players in the Lithuanian commands. We always were famous for good players of defence: Dedura, Shemberas... Such plan football players were in demand.
- in 2007 - m you participated in the Lithuanian version Dances with stars now here want to buy Saturn . Are inclined to adventures?
- Why adventures? I have won that competition! I am self-assured, all life in sports was engaged: gymnastics, swimming, boxing, struggle, tennis, volleyball, now here I master basketball. If in Moscow have invited to participate in the similar project, too would agree. It is ready to any call, except ballet. Unless Tsiskaridze will cause...
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