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The first medals of the company WHIST

the Corporate championship of Moscow on bowling has opened a May series of tournaments. The first on club paths Multisports there were commands of the third league of an open corporate battalion. It is good that within the limits of the championship there is a platform where commands of initial level and beginners can compete. This time there were no new commands, but in structures we have seen debutants. A command Efficient (the company It is efficient IT a battalion) has updated half of structure - for the first time on paths left Andrey Zenin and Sergey Tsepin. In a command INTERTEH - 2 (company NTSIT Interteh IT a battalion) also replenishment - Yury Jaruev plays for the first time for the corporate command. The command " has by results pleased; WHIST (Open Company WHIST of Groups IT a battalion). In May the command has shown the best tournament series of a season - 130,13 on an average and for the first time has won first place. It is necessary to notice that it is the first season of a command in the championship. The success has come in four months, and after all started in February with an average hardly more 115. As well as last month on the second line of standings the command " finished; LajtNet (the company LajtNetKompleks IT a battalion). Leadership in a command strongly is kept by Alexander Maruev - its series became the best in a command throughout three tournaments from four. The third place at a command INTERTEH - 2 . But the collective has not left without a gold medal. Alla Bugakova has shown the best female result of tournament in one game - 152. Alla plays more recently and it is its first gold medal. Pleasantly, only to take a sphere in hands and already to receive a sports award on tournament. Yes, bowling for many beginners becomes a pleasant surprise which often turns to serious and interesting hobby. On the fourth place the command which has collected most of all gold medals of individual offset and has not got to a three of leaders. The author of such paradox - the captain Efficient and the General director of the company It is efficient Denis Jakovlev. On its account the best man`s result of tournament in one game - 199 points, and also the best series of tournament on four games - 583 points (145,75 average). Results of commands have turned out in a range from 117 to 130 on an average. This level on forces even to the players who for the first time have taken a sphere in hands. The corporate championship very democratic in this plan. Yes, we have a first league where results are close to sports level, but basically it is a platform for initial level of players. Just that is required simply for maintenance of the sports form and physical activity among employees. Though, participation in the corporate championship on bowling it not simply industrial gymnastics - victories and medals the real, and with skill growth it is necessary to be overcome and with more serious contender. From its part we guarantee a constancy - tournament series of the championship pass every month since summer of 2004, stopping on short vacation only in December. Commands of the third league we wish good mood, high industrial indicators and we wait in June. And still we wait new corporate commands and May performance of two leagues of an open corporate battalion and the strongest teams of first league IT - a battalion. To a meeting on paths. Additional fotografiirezultaty tournament