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V.Alyoshin has made decision to sell Luzniki for $10 million

the Basic owner of the Olympic complex Luzniki Vladimir Alyoshin has confirmed that has decided to sell the share in the company to the government of Moscow for 10 million euro.
the businessman has explained, why has decided to leave the share right now. time has approached - and we sell. Because great occasions are coming in a city, in Russia, in Luzniki including. Certainly, it is better to do such events with city structure. This correct decision, and we osoznanno do it. We transfer to a city, as well as have agreed that such active should be at a city - V.Alyoshin on air of TV channel " has told; the Rain .
at Jurii Mihajloviche (Luzhkov) offered, that this active was a part of a city. But then at a city of money was not - the businessman has added.
on a question of journalists on, why the price so low, Century Alyoshin has refused to answer.
before mass-media informed that the Moscow authorities have agreed about the repayment Luzniki at their basic owner to put things in order in sport centre activity. The day before it became known that the Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed numerous infringements of the law in Luzniki. In particular, check has revealed schemes of evasion from taxes by means of fictitious legal bodies and deliberate understating of profitableness Luzniki from delivery of the earths and sites in rent.
we will note, V.Alyoshin on - former works in Luzniki . Now it holds a post of the adviser of the general director and is going to work until will be necessary.
Luzniki occupy the space of 145 hectares, and with access roads and parking places - 180 hectares. The complex consists of 140 constructions which serve 3500 persons. The main riches Luzniki - Stadium which meets the requirements FIFA and UEFA.