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Matches 5 - go round of League of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS

have taken place While Russians prepared for the first match of a national team for Euro - 2012, football players of league of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS had every chance to turn grey without the aid of Arshavina and the company. In the fifth round of a command have continued struggle for points, surprising and pleasing spectators.
Alor - TSERIH 1:2
Fast attack Alor in the meeting beginning has compelled TSerih to excite rate. A command, having taken hold of the initiative, long time tried to find the approach to collars of the contender. Football players worked also as that, and other flank, trying to find Alor unawares. Those were ready to such turn of events, and game began to stick in struggle. More close to the middle of the first time of a command had time to be noted unless only by several standards. In such draw looked " is better; dark blue which from the next penal have opened the account in a match. Sergey Miheenkov has changed a wall and has sent a ball in Dmitry Surnjaeva`s gate corner - 1:0. TSerih at once has rushed to attack and has received the possibility to cause a stir, but Alexey Valjaeva`s heading was parried by the goalkeeper. Other attacks Alor competently brought to naught, putting pressure on the contender and forcing that to depart constantly to the penal. Only on 27 - j to minute Farhadu Gabdrahmanovu, attacking TSeriha it was possible to break on flank and to leave not destiny of the goalkeeper.
most likely, Alor and so was not going to sit out in defence, and having passed, has already been compelled to hammer. TSerih during a break the emotions has not lost, therefore first minutes of the second time thought only of attack. Game has gone on counter courses. dark blue dexterously caught fond TSerih on errors and dangerously counterattacked. But persistence of the contender has prevailed: After a non-realised penal command Ilya Kurnykov has deduced forward. There was it on 40 - j to minute of a meeting. Alor in end has tried to change a game course, but last boundary to it more to take and it was not possible. The ending was impaired a little by a number of the compelled infringements as with that, and on the other hand.
defender Ilya Kurnykov which goal has turned a match outcome, has shared the opinion on game: Our command had to select a ball because the contender has got the strong is more often. Alor has competently built the tactics and imposed us game. But after the passed ball we have gathered and began to play more harmoniously. As a result have added in command actions and realised the moments .
Region Not typed for four rounds of any point, has meaningly given the initiative to the contender who has decided to count on possession of a ball. a three Dialogue long time carried a ball across the field, preferring to play short transfers. Canopies in first half of match could be counted on fingers. region has willingly supported the chosen position and has tried to grope, in turn, an opening to collars of favourites. The command tried to pass their defence for the speed and when it was impossible, was reconstructed in item attack. a three Dialogue counted on pathetic transfers and draws of standards. But why - that anybody from them has not thought to concentrate on finishing blow. To a break it became clear that the match outcome will be solved by the unique error.
in the second time game has quickened and began to open gradually. As a push to it actions of football players " have served; Region Which since first minutes were fixed in penal Three also have put some dangerous blows. white defended all five, therefore owners had to connect to attack of defenders that has led to an error and the passed ball. The only goal on 40 - j was hammered to minute by Alexey Husnitdinov. Remained 20 minutes Region has tried to think up something in attack, but except misses and distant blows it was not possible to create anything to a command. Pavel Artemyev even has tried to hammer hands, but the judge has seen and has awarded with its yellow card. Having left there all forces, dark blue in a meeting ending have allowed to give the initiative to the Three Dialogue which not without effort doderzhala a ball to a final whistle.
In a match there were commands from the bottom half of standings, and certainly, both collectives wanted to win to get out from this a cellar . The match generally passed on counter courses, but ATON lead up the attacking impulses to the logic end is more often. To the middle of the first time defence Russian funds coped with attempts of nominal owners to punch their defence. But on 16 - j to minute of a match Ivan Vishnevsky`s transfer has transformed into Roman Paplinov goal. And after a minute the goalkeeper fondovikov Vitaly Vorontsov pulled out a ball after unsuccessful actions of the partner on command at the gate. On 17 - j to minute of a match Sergey Ivanov was noted by an autogoal. ATON, having provided itself comfortable advantage, has brought matters to a break.
after a small respite owners have continued to shake defence Russian funds . On 35 - j to minute Michael Dyachenko has made the account large. After that at anybody does not remain questions on the winner of this meeting. The question was only in what will be the final account. The answer to it during the period with 44 - j on 48 - ju was given minute by Maxim Lata and captain ATONa Andrey Zinkevich. They have established the definitive account of this match. 5 - 0.
after a large victory captain ATONa Andrey Zinkevich has shared impressions: Game was gave easily. Russian funds have been weakened by absence of key players. We completely supervised a course of game and without problems have won a victory. Our command has shown good, combinational game. It is necessary to note the goalkeeper of a command Michael Beregovsky who led the first match after a trauma. At contenders last defender who not bad dispersed attacks " was remembered; Russian funds .
finam - SOLID 1:1
Struggle in a meeting of neighbours in standings promised to be strained. The additional motivation in games for six points is not necessary to anybody. Both commands started straight away, the exchange of shoots for goal of the contender was spent in the ratio 1 to 1. At the gate contenders immediately answered any critical moment with not less dangerous attack at the opposite. Over and over again goalkeepers gained the partners and by right have deserved an intermediate rank of the best players of the first time.
game drawing in second half of meeting has not strongly changed, but Solid as could seem, left more charged on a goal. And it has happened on 34 - j to minute of a match. Maxim Strizhevsky`s good transfer has finished to mind Ruslan Gumakov. It is yellow - green have come forward. But finamovtsy were not going to surrender for favour to the contender. They over and over again did not hammer from lethal positions. It was felt that defence Solida during any moment can tremble. Visitors could not doterpet most a little. In confusion Alexander Barynina`s gate had Victor Zalogin. It has restored the status - kvo. finamovtsy were not going to stop on reached, and have tried to make strong-willed kambek. But they did not have not enough on it time. As a result, a fighting drawn game.
so it is disgusting we did not play for a long time already, - the coach of the team " has told; Solid . - Most of all claims on rigidity, and on working off in protection, to returning of players to the half of field. If have shown the best football, contenders would not have chances .
the Meeting of commands from more true half of table always has to expectations which frequently appear overestimated. At times the risk is too great, the contender is strong also a drawn game becomes comprehensible result. It could be expected from game BKS and Opening . These expectations have been dispelled. Commands did not plan to sit out in defence. Shoots for goal of both commands followed from any distances. Rigidity of single combats poured out in penalty kicks with which defenders of commands not bad consulted. In game about equal contenders on force much depends on Good luck. This whimsical madam this evening obviously did not pay attention to attempts Opening to score a goal. And BKS not only used its favour, but also itself gave all the best under the full program to win such important points. It is necessary to recognise as the best player of this match Oleg Karasev who already in the first time has twice amazed gate Opening . It has occurred on 22 - j and 26 - j minutes. In desire to score a goal Stanislav Chernjak did not want to lag behind the partner. It has caused a stir on 55 - j to minute. And in the end of a meeting Karasev managed to issue het - trik. Thirst of victory BKS has been satisfied this evening.
Something is difficult to tell constructive, - player BKS Yury Skorkin has told. - it would be desirable to note Oleg Karasev`s game, and to thank the trainer. It has well adjusted us on this match. opening - a running command, against them it was not simple to play. And in general, all is healthy! Separate thanks fans!
to Players VTB - the Capital you will not envy. Not only that they have settled down in the bottom part of the table so still they met with Progress - the Capital which continues to struggle for a place in a three of the strongest.
but the first minutes of a match have allowed to be convinced that nominal owners are ready to give battle. On 7 - j to minute of game Sergey Baranov has deduced VTB - the Capital forward. Progress has been shocked by so quick beginning from outside VTB - the Capital . But, probably, owners have decided to show, on what they are capable. In an interval with 12 - j on 14 - ju minute Alexey Vorobev and Oleg Tsetsegov have increased a handicap to rather large. But players Progress - the Capital were not going to lower a hand that Andrey Don has visually shown. Its goal on 20 - j has allowed hope to begin to dawn to minute in the hearts of fans Progress . The first time has appeared very sated. 3 - 1!
second half of game has shown strength of mind of both commands. Football players have rejected aside discretion. Game on counter courses has gone. In the middle of the second game piece the double has issued Don. Then VTB - the Capital again has come off contenders - a goal on Alexey Krasheninnikov`s account. Michael Mikheyev has increased a difference in the account. 5 - 2! When it seemed that it is possible to put out the light, the player Progress - the Capital Vladislav Drozdov has issued a double. And the difference in the account did not seem such awful - 5 - 4. But to time remains too little, and VTB - the Capital has won the first victory in a season.
today game in a pass well went right, besides children have started to type the good physical form, - the author of one of balls in gate " has told after a match; Progress - the Capital Alexey Krasheninnikov. - the contender was today individually strong, but a not so well playing pass. We, in turn, do not have physics. The goals passed in the end are connected with it .
with the twentieth even at huge desire it is very difficult to find an intrigue In a match of the second command of tournament. It this evening also was not. Three quarters of game time as a matter of fact in the field there was only one command, and she played the pleasure. Junikredit Sekjuritiz This evening has received chance to spend extraordinary training for which also has received points in standings. nettrejder has shown that can play only when concentration at the contender is lowered. Attacks of visitors this evening passed only when it was already impossible to doubt a total victory junikreditovtsev . Without superfluous descriptions, the total account of a match - 10 - 0. On a goal have hammered Ilya Sljunkov, Stephen Dashevsky, on two balls have sent in gate of the contender Oleg Fedorov and Alexander Artjushenko, Pavel Vaskov still has four times caused a stir.
the Match good, is similar to the previous. That time have hammered in nine, now ten. Almost all blows achieved the object, - Alexander Artjushenko has told after game. - But it would be desirable to note the goalkeeper of a command nettrejder . For a long time in RTS League there was no such good goalkeeper .
the Unconditional leader of tournament and the double champion of League of RTS has won a confident victory over the beginner. On - to another also could not be, though played commands the first 16 minutes without the hammered balls. George Zatsepin from Alexander Panova`s transfer has unpacked gate. After a missed goal violet before showing quite good football, fell down and have passed to a break one more time. To keep the minimum separation, Ursa the Capital began to play more rigidly. At first attacking dangerously left on the goalkeeper salatovyh then the defender has broken rules, having struck on feet of the football player Uralsiba . The respite which has followed fouls, has allowed conceding to level game in the account, but to time for productive attack any more does not remain.
the Second time has begun with confusion in actions of football players and a large quantity of inexact transfers. Than it has been caused, it is necessary to guess only because to a command break at all did not look tired. Ursa the Capital began to attack much and could cause a stir some times. Every third attack of this command should come to the end with a goal, but the ball simply did not fly to gate and when flied, it intercepted, risking own health, the goalkeeper Uralsiba . All has dared on 42 - j to minute of a meeting when Sergey Gorbachev has hammered in the third ball. And during remained time salatovye have completely taken hold of an event and, it is a shame to tell, have forced the contender to run behind a ball.
George Zatsepin, on the first goal which to the account, has assumed that the lost were brought by emotions: In spite of the fact that we were long shaken, the result has come. At us the played and skilled enough command which does not give in to emotions, and here our contender only is under construction and during game, unfortunately, it has fused .
the RENAISSANCE the CAPITAL - the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS 3:4
the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS has actively begun a meeting, without having retired to the background at all before higher contenders. But the Renaissance the Capital has quickly cooled a heat darkly - dark blue having pressed them to own penal, and already on 8 - j to minute Dmitry Matjuhin has deduced a command forward. Sergey Lvovu needed 7 minutes on evening up scores in this match. But through the same time the Renaissance the Capital Andrey Perekrestova and Maxim Susina`s efforts hammers in the second ball.
at the expense of huge desire the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS continued to attack and in the following half of meeting. However, salatovye on 36 - j to minute have hammered in the third ball, having caught the contender on the next error. However, next minute Pavel Churko has reduced rupture in the account, and on 52 - j Vyacheslav Kascheyev returns hope of three points to the command. the Renaissance the Capital misses good possibility to leave from nobody`s in an ending: shortage of concentration affects. Their contender passes, in the meantime, to individual actions, with which help tehnichnye attacking zarabatyvajut standards. One of them it manages to be realised. Solving point is put by Michael Jakovlev. Salatovye have made last minute attempt to rescue game, even have connected to attack of the goalkeeper, but the account and remained invariable.
game, in my opinion, has turned out interesting, with a struggle considerable quantity. The command of the contender preferred to play canopies forward where it was necessary to struggle their massive attacking. We had to build game on counterattack and to prevail at the expense of speed and sharpness - Vyacheslav Kascheyev has summed up.