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For the future Olympians

Today with participation of the governor of the Ivanovo area of Michael Menja and the Chairman of board of directors of the Group of companies the SOU - 155 Michael Balakin in the city of Kohma the sports complex for children is opened. It is the first of twelve modern athletic fields which should be erected in the near future to builders of a group of companies the SOU - 155 in cities and villages of the Ivanovo area.
platforms enter into each complex for volleyball and basketball, gyms stadium. In total in building of such complexes it is necessary to invest over 40 million roubles.
GK the SOU - 155 enters into number of strategic partners of the Ivanovo area in program performance Accessible habitation development of the industry of building materials. the SOU - 155 Has in Ivanovo four large industrial enterprises (two factories ZHBI in Ivanovo, the machine-building enterprises in Kohme and Vichuge) and three design organisations. The company builds the residential area of complex building first in area where till 2010 it will be entered over 180 thousand 2 habitation in Ivanovo. As a result of the accelerated modernisation spent by the company at its factories ZHBI in Ivanovo annual capacity of these factories by 2010 will make more than 400 thousand 2
Children`s sports complexes on which platforms, the forces and participants of the future Olympic games, not will try undoubtedly unique constructions in the Ivanovo area, erected by builders the SOU - 155 to children. In the end of autumn of last year with participation of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov in erected the SOU - 155 in Ivanovo residential area Moscow the first stone in the basis of a new kindergarten on 200 places has been put. Its opening is planned to date for the beginning of this academic year. Besides, till 2010 the SOU - 155 will erect in Moscow new school and children`s polyclinic.