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Roland Garros: Sharapova - one in the field the soldier

Taras Medvedev
Already which announcement of tournament the Grand Slam it is necessary to begin the same phrase - count we can only on Maria Sharapova . In this case, can console that fact that Sharapova though remained the unique favourite from Russians, is indeed ready to tournament on perfectly .
Tournament started on Sunday, but Sharapova will spend the match of the first circle only on Tuesday. Its competitor will be 22 - Alexander Kadantsu`s summer Romanian tennis-player. Sharapov`s Romanian still never met, but while there are no bases to worry for result of this match - if there will be nothing unforeseen, in the following circle Maria should leave without effort.
couple of years back a phrase Sharapova is going to become the queen of a ground Sounded as mockery, but during last seasons Maria has changed the game, and now does not feel on the earth the Martian. Last year she quite could count on a victory in Paris, and has conceded, in general - that, is exclusive from - for psychological instability, instead of from - for animosities of a ground.
this year Sharapova has won two large soil tournaments, in Stuttgart and Rome which was collected by very representative structures - on Maria`s account in this soil season there are victories practically over all strongest tennis-players of the world, including over Victoria Azarenkovoj, Whether Petroj Kvitovoj and the Chinese woman On which has won on Rolan Garros one year ago. So the best acknowledgement to that Sharapova is perfectly ready to tournament, and cannot be.
I do not consider that specialisation plays here any especially important role. Perhaps, gives any absolutely small bonus. That tennis-player who resembles to tournament in the best form and in the best game standards wins always. Can be better than nothing than that comprehension that you have arrived on Rolan Garros after very good soil season also you have in the active pair of the big titles. I understand that now I play really well, and, I hope, I will manage to keep such form here again, in Paris, and on summer tournaments - Sharapova and readiness for tournament in interview SE has estimated highly enough.
another matter that favourites on Rolan Garros as well as on any other large female tournament, a pond prudi. From the first sejannyh pieces ten, probably, can count on success with equal odds, and Sharapova - only one of them. Bookmakers, defining chances of favourites, Sharapova put on the third place after Sereny Williams and Victoria Azarenko. And if the solvency of claims of the Belarus tennis-player on success of doubts does not cause, Williams is, of course, too unpredictable to be assured of its victory.
in the first circles Sharapova should not have problems, and does not give in to so long-term forecasts further while to think senselessly - female tennis.
that before man`s tournament then all is simple - Raphael Nadal will win. Or Novak Dzhokovich. Or, as a last resort, Roger Federer. Other it is not given. That is chances at other tennis players, of course, are, but only because, proceeding from the probability theory, can win any who has arrived to Paris.
the Spaniard has won already three soil tournaments, the Swiss one, the Serb while on the earth was not noted by titles. Nadal, of course, looks more preferably, but the difference in a class between the great is too small, that three victories would be enough to name its unconditional favourite.
Matches of the first circles with participation of the Russian tennis players Women. The first circle Maria Sharapova (2 number of crops) - Alexander Kadantsu (Romania).
Vera Zvonareva (11) - Timea Babosh (Hungary).
Anastas Pavljuchenkova (22) - Arn Greta (Hungary).
Maria Kirilenko (16) - Victoria Larer (France, WC)
Nina Bratchikova - Monika Nikulesku (Romania, 32)
Ekaterina Makarova - Sloan Stevens (USA)
Nadezhda Petrova (27) - Iveta Beneshova (Czechia)
Alexander Panova - Kaja Kenepi (Estonia, 23)
Elena Vesnina - Is artful Watson (Great Britain, Q)
Belief of Dushevina - Kler Fershtajn (France)

the Second circle
Svetlana Kuznetsova (26) -
Men. The first circle
Michael Juzhnyj (27) - James Blejk (USA)
Alex Bogomolov - Arno Kleman (France, WC)
Nikolay Davydenko - Andreas Seppi (Italy, 22)
Igor Kunitsyn - Denis Istomin (Uzbekistan)
Dmitry Tursunov - Go Soeda (Japan)
Igor Andreev - Jarkko Nieminen (Finland)