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M.Safin: This season can appear the last

Marat Safin has given the big interview in which has summed up the come to the end season and has told about plans for the future.
- as though you have estimated for yourselves a leaving season?
- It has turned out difficult and, as always, long. Besides year has begun not too well - results which I expected, have not come. It is good that eventually a situation as - that more or less vyravnjalas. I can not tell that shone on a season course, but, anyway, as a result all has appeared not too badly.
- mean that fact, what in the season beginning stood in a rating 70 - m, and now practically enter into the first tridtsatku?
- in general - yes.
- That is a season, say, on the four it is possible to estimate?
- I would not like to estimate basically it thus - as it has turned out, so it has turned out. To be exhausted to reproach itself with something now it be no point. Thank God that in general still I can run on court. After all all could end exactly three years ago (then Marat Safin has received very serious trauma of a knee) Therefore already fact that I can play and is normal run, me quite arranges.
- and pleasure from game on - former receive?
- Sometimes to do it happens very difficult. Constant trainings, stresses, experiences, flights, a hover from - that you like necessarily should win, prove all and all the solvency... All it rotates round you so to relax and take pleasure in game or from life in such conditions happens uneasy. Certainly, when you play fine or beat strong contenders - that is another matter. But, as a rule, to reach these strongest players, I need to pass three - four circles, meeting tennis players from the environment on a rating.
here also it turns out that, on the one hand, it is necessary to be picked with them, and with another - many of them now too fine play. Pleasure in such situation, I will repeat, to receive difficult. After all in professional tennis not all so is simple, as it seems: the pier, left, has waved with a racket, all has won and has left. It is very difficult work. Very much! With the nuances and, at times irritating, factors. In a word, that people see on the TV, is one, and that is outside of a picture, - a bit different. But after all many do not penetrate into it and consider tennis by an elementary sport in which you have appeared on the court, has an hour and a half played, has received money and has gone further.
- the Season cannot be considered bad if in it the tennis player has appeared in a semi-final of Wimbledon. Agree?
- Certainly. As this year I managed to show the best result on Wimbledon. Though anything similar and even close to this result I from myself if it is fair, did not expect. On the other hand, it was the pleasant moment, all has appeared fine, but no more that.
- let`s hardly be late on it as you speak, the pleasant moment and we will remember, how for you there was Wimbledon. You, for example, have felt at once that at you there will go or found confidence from a match to a match?
- On - to mine, all turned out spontaneously, by itself. Anyway, that in London I I will strum on a semi-final, I will repeat, did not expect. At least because on - former I feel on a grass not too confidently. To get used to a rebound on this covering and to features of movement to me, as I high, hard enough. But where - that it was hooked, where - that has felt that I can, in something has carried - so all on Wimbledon and left.
- and to hook in a semi-final of Federera it was possible? As you have conceded one of sets to the Swiss only on thaw - a break?
- it was possible, but a grass, I will underline once again, not my covering. It is necessary to recognise plus that game of the Swiss was on level above.
- this year in a calendar of tennis players - professionals there was also an Olympic tournament. Do not regret, what have not got to Beijing?
- I already acted on two Olympic Games, but anything on them have not achieved. Therefore to go to the third time, especially to make flight from America to China, to take off in the first - the second circle, the special sense was not. I after all realised, in what form was, and understood that to catch in Beijing it nothing me.
- But, probably, fine worried about sister Dinara who has become as a result by silver prize-winner Igr?
- Yes, certainly. At it it has turned out much better, than at me. It is healthy that though one representative of our family has caused a stir on the Olympic Games. So very much, it is very glad for the sister. It is a pity only that organizers of the Olympic Games have brought, having made so that all was against Dinara. At the same time it is sports, where at everyone the interests. Therefore something similar, especially when it became clear that for medals it is necessary to struggle with the Chinese woman, it was necessary to expect.
- but justice in any degree has triumphed. For example, many fans consider Dinara Safina as the main heroine of the Olympic Games.
is too pleasantly. I think, Dinara it estimates all and understands. But successes also are given to it very much by an arduous toil. After all in the beginning of year it had recessions, then more and more or less vyravnjalos, but during any moment the certain weariness has collected - not each organism can sustain such loadings. However last four months Dinara has appeared the best by results, showing thus excellent tennis. To achieve that was possible to it this year, - silver on the Olympic Games, the ending Rolan Garros the second place in a rating in the end of a season - under force far not to everyone.
- if to return to your performances in this season their schedule in any degree reminded a sinusoid which peaks had more close to tournaments the Grand Slam ...
- laws here are not present because to predict, as you will play next week, it is almost impossible. For example, I managed to act fine in Moscow on the Kremlin Cup And then I have arrived to St.-Petersburg and it has appeared in absolutely not clear condition. On the one hand, very much it would be desirable to play as it is possible is better, with another - and the ball on a racket did not sit, and to move was why - that hard. In a word, felt dickey, and why - plainly you will not explain. As a result it was inconvenient me - has arrived on the Russian tournament, but has lost in the second circle Golubevu.
- Eventually this young tennis player from Kazakhstan has reached in Peter the ending...
- Yes, but from it it is not easier. Certainly, tennis now vyravnjalsja, and everyone can beat everyone. Same Golubev brilliantly played with me, and next day has made on court such quantity of errors... Be them as much in our match, it quite could suffice for my victory. All it is insulting enough and once again underlines, how much now uneasy to play tennis with the same youth which wants to do it, and can, plus very much tries.
- what tournament most was pleasant to you this year most of all?
- I traditionally very much like to play Australia. Let my result this year left much to be desired, but itself Australian Open to me rather imposes. There the remarkable relation to players, people - extremely hospitable. In such benevolent conditions you do not feel any pressure. On the contrary - only desire to help. Therefore is played and is there easily.
- this year you only have once supported Russian national team - in a match with Czechs.
- And after this meeting on the Davis Cup has found though any more or less decent form any more, has played during any moment fine. And in general in that match with Czechs for me all has developed successfully, for a national team too, therefore in this plan everything is all right.
- It has turned out, what that round of the Davis Cup became for you original additional charge?
- This time - yes.
- On the other hand, on game with Argentina you have not gone any more...
- And here at that point in time I already was in the awful form, and sense there to go was not any. Has been assured that children will play much better, than I.
- what your plans for the future, for the following season?
- Yet I do not know, and I not undertake to think. Let it is a season will end, and further - we will look. If there will be a desire to play - will play. If is not present - we will have a look.
- will finish really in 29 years?
- At first it is necessary to have a rest, and there, I will repeat, it will be visible.
- and a national team? After all for it, probably, it is possible to play, without driving about constantly on tournaments ATR.
- If to play to play and if is not present - that is not present. After all even if to act only for a national team, all the same it is necessary to train at the full capacity, to prepare for performances. But without game practice all it can turn to nonsense.
- that can induce you in the winter on this or that decision?
- I Will be guided by the feelings, desires, attitude. All - taki I already for a long time professionally play tennis - the whole 11 years. Therefore at many things now I look a little on - to another, rather than earlier. Some of them any more are not pleasant. No, by and large all suits me, but my tennis history was enough long, and now it would be desirable to consider much. It seems to me that the career I have deserved the right to acceptance of any decision. As everything that I could achieve in tennis, I in general - that have already achieved and, looking back, special occasions to disappointment I do not see.
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