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Davydenko there was in a semi-final of Total tournament of year

In a final match of group B on total tournament ATP Russian Nikolay Davydenko has beaten Swede Robina Soderlinga and left in a semi-final on Swiss Roger Federera from the second place.
last duel of a group stage should be spent to the Russian tennis player Nikolay Davydenko and Swede Robinu Soderlingu who went before without defeats. Several hours before the meeting have spent Dzhokovich and Nadal in whom the top was gained by the Serbian tennis player, however Novak`s destiny was in Nikolay`s hands and Robina.
Tournament deals in group B were much easier: Davydenko, winning two or three sets, absolutely left in a semi-final with that only a difference that having conceded party, it took the second place. Soderling has been provided by the permit in plej - off after the second victory in London.
the Match between the Russian and the Swede, as well as many other things on this tournament, passed in high rate, however special staginess it did not differ. Tennis players operated simply enough, without risking in vain, and easy typed points in games on the givings. Struggle in draws, frankly speaking, it was impossible – the one who submitted had overwhelming advantage.
operating in such manner throughout several games, tennis players in the middle of party have exchanged courtesies, having given each other a break - points, but neither Davydenko, nor Soderlingu to realise them it was not possible. After that opponents have taken up the quota of games, taking some of them under a zero, and have played thaw - a break.
in a tennis lottery more stably and more successfully there was Nikolay who after equal struggle in a debut, at first has committed an error, and then has made at once three mini - a break successively. Having taken hold of solid advantage, the Russian has easy finished a set to own advantage - 7:6 (7:4).
Robin a bit upset with an outcome of the first party in which it looked more interesting the opponent, on start of the second set has spent some unsuccessful games on the giving, but to a break - points business has not finished. And having found normal mood is closer to an ending, from the second attempt has made a break, and « dry ». A tax at the account 5:4 to own advantage for Swedish « the Robot » became a trick - 6:4.
In the third party in which all dared for Davydenko and Dzhokovicha (the Swedish tennis player needed to win only party to win first place – a bus comment) Soderling long to resist to Nikolay did not become. Having played some games, Robin has considerably got a bit tired and has decided not to spend force before a semi-final. Taking giving of the Swede under a zero, Nikolay has quickly enough finished a match to a victory – 7:6 (7:4), 4:6, 6:3.
Thus, the Swedish tennis player on Saturday will battle to Argentinean Juan Martin Del Potro which duel will pass in the evening; and the Russian this very day several hours before will cross rackets to the first number of tournament and all world rating Swiss Roger Federerom.
it is necessary to tell that statistics of personal meetings with Fed Express at Nikolay catastrophic – 12 defeats and any victory. Having met for the first time Roger in 2002, Davydenko does not know victories over it the eighth year successively. However in this season they did not meet yet so there is an excellent occasion to break the settled tendency and to repeat last year`s success. When - the same should to start be won …

London, Great Britain. Man`s total tournament of year ATP World Tour Finals. A group stage. 3 - j round
Group B
Nikolay Davydenko (Russia, 6) – Robin Soderling (Sweden, 8) – 7:6 (7:4), 4:6, 6:3
Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia, 3) – Raphael Nadal (Spain, 2) – 7:6 (7:5), 6:3
1. Robin Soderling – 2 victories/ 1 defeats, sets – 5/ 2
2. Nikolay Davydenko – 2/ 1, 5/ 3
3. Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia, 3) – 2/ 1, 4/ 3
4. Raphael Nadal (Spain, 2) – 0/ 3, 0/ 6