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Federer and Nadal will reveal the strongest in London

Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal in an internal duel will reveal the winner of total tournament in London Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.   Spaniard Raphael Nadal in a persistent duel has beaten Andy Mjurreja, and Roger Federer has confidently overcome Novak Dzhokovicha.
Federer practically has not given to the Serb uniform chance. Dzhokovich has been crushed in the first party, having managed to hook only on one game, and the second let has played and it is more confident, but nevertheless has finished struggle - 6:4.
However   the duel of Nadalja and Mjurreja has appeared more persistent. The Englishman had every chance not to start up the first racket of tournament in the ending, but has lost on thaw - a break in the third party - 8:6. We will notice that to it also has not carried on thaw - a break and in the first set - 7:5 on balls, but has successfully played in the second party - 3:6.
it is necessary to remind that sejanye at the first and second number of Federer and Nadal have passed a group stage in London without defeats. However on Sunday only one of them can continue a successful series and receive rather honourable trophy.
London, (Great Britain. Man`s total tournament of year Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. The single category. A semi-final
Roger Federer (Switzerland, 2) - Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia, 3) - 6:1, 6:4
Raphael Nadal (Spain, 1) - Andy Mjurrej (Great Britain, 5) - 7:6 (7:5), 3:6, 7:6 (8:6)