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Roger Federer has returned itself a tennis crown

Roger Federer, whose time like irrevocably would leave, which like already has made way young has returned itself a title of the tennis king. It has not risen on the first place in a rating, but has won total tournament ATP in London in which the strongest tennis players of the world took part.
it is necessary to notice that Federer and prior to the beginning of tournament was considered as one of the main favourites - it has very strongly spent a season ending, has won tournament in Basel and Masters in Paris, and the main thing, unlike Raphael Nadalja and Novak Dzhokovicha could avoid traumas.
before start of tournament it took only the fourth place in a rating, and the question to whom it will get in contenders on a group stage, Nadalju or Dzhokovichu was the main intrigue of a toss-up. Has carried to the Spaniard - Federer has gone to group B, in the company to Nadalju, Zho - Vilfredu Tsonga and Mardi Fishu. Group A was made by Tomash Berdyh, David Ferrer, Novak Dzhokovich and local favourite Andy Marrej.
it is surprising, but neither Nadal, nor Dzhokovich, Marrej did not leave at all group. Nadal has lost also Federeru and Tsonga, having won only Fisha, Dzhokovich has conceded Ferreru and Tipsarevichu and has won only against Berdyha. And Marrej and at all, to disappointment of local public, has acted in film from tournament after the first match from - for groin traumas (it and Janko Tipsarevich has replaced).
Thus, in the first semi-final there were Zho - Vilfred Tsonga and Tomash Berdyh, in the second - Roger Federer and David Ferrer. Struggle in both matches it has not turned out - the Swiss and the Frenchman have easily won two sets and have reached the final.
Preimushchestvo Federera in a decisive match was rather solid and he could win even two sets, but on thaw - a break of the second party has missed a match - bol. However, it was not of great importance: That won back match - bol - hardly probable not the only thing that can bring Tsonga to itself in an active. The total account - 6 - 3 6 - 7 (6 - 8) 6 - 3 in favour of Federera.
Federer has won total tournament already in the sixth time in career and has established thereby a record - Ivan Lendl and Pit Sampras won on ATP World Finals (earlier tournament carried other name) on five times. And something it is unlikely that the record of Federera has been in the foreseeable future beaten, unless he will increase the advantage.
the victory has allowed the Swiss to rise in a rating - year it finishes on the third place in a rating. The first line was kept by Novak Dzhokovich - even in spite of the fact that on ATP World Finals he has played not so successfully, it has spent a season absolutely outstanding. Raphael Nadal takes the second place in a rating.
Federer and Dzhokovich can already go to holiday, Nadalju is necessary one more final fight - this week the cup-final of Devisa in which Spain will accept Argentina will take place, and Nadal promised to play for a national team. This ending will close a tennis season.
London, Great Britain. Man`s total tournament of year Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. The single category. The ending
Roger Federer (Switzerland, 4) - Zho Uilfrid Tsonga (France, 6) - 6:3, 6:7 (6:8), 6:3