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Maria Sharapova became the most popular in the USA

the Russian tennis-player Maria Sharapova, agrees to the data of researches, became the most popular sportswoman on the American Internet for 2012, having outstripped, taken the second place, American Serenu Williams.
researches were spent by known American newspaper Business Insider.
Thus, Sharapova could - taki to beat Serenu Williams in this season, let it has occurred and not on court, and in to the World wide web .
Thus at all significant competitions the American invariably won Sharapova a season - 2012 - in a tournament quarterfinal in Madrid, in the ending of the Olympic games and in the ending of total tournament WTA. All Sharapov for the career has played with Williams - younger 14 matches from which has won only two.
the Third place in a rating was occupied with the American athlete Lolo Johns from whom the United States waited for successful performance on the Olympic Games in London, however the sportswoman of these hopes has not justified. For the London failure Johns have subjected to the sharp criticism local mass-media, but these antipublic relations as a result have helped it to enter into a three of the most interesting sportswomen of the American Internet.
on the fourth position too it has appeared zvezdno - striped the sportswoman - gymnast Makkajla Maroni who has become famous for the whole world for one expressional act. Having won only silver on Games in London, it has not constrained the disappointment at rewarding ceremony, having writhed a dissatisfied mine. After that Maroni became very popular, it even has met US president Barack Obama who together with it has represented that dissatisfied person.
At last, the fifth place has occupied the goalkeeper of a national team of the USA Hope Solo which together with the command has won the Olympic Games in London. Solo it is known for that time in open admitted the - sportsmen in the Olympic villages have willingly sex.