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Commercial with S.Williams have forbidden for frankness. VIDEO

the Star of world tennis, eks - the first racket of the world Serena Williams has appeared again in the attention centre. This time the American at present healing a trauma, has acted in film in a provocative commercial.
Sex as always sells. And by means of appetizing forms and transparent hints it is possible to advance anything you like. Even computer games. Especially, if the world scale celebrity takes part in shootings. And it doesn`t matter, if advertisers go too far in heat. Even if a roller will forbid to display on TV, this fact considerably raises virus potential sex - advertising. So there was with advertising video of tennis simulator Top Spin 4, with seminude Serenoj Williams in a leading role.
this video never will show on television. The reason - too provocative character of a roller. 50 seconds of close ups of the most appetizing parts of a body of the known tennis-player. Serena simply plays a new simulator of tennis from 2K Sports. But the soundtrack, installation and a look of the tennis-player is quite transparent hint: with the same passion she is engaged also in sex. As a result in an aether the roller has not passed any American TV channel.
but, seemingly, in it the main sense of an advertising appeal. The interdiction of rotation for TV has urged forward interest to a roller from outside the Internet - auditori. And in spite of the fact that Youtube tries to delete operatively provocative advertising, scandalous video fills in on video hostings more and more users.
we will remind that Serena Williams continues to be restored after operation on the right foot which has not allowed it to take part still in the Open championship of the USA of last year. At that point in time the American was the first racket of the world.