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Maria, Carolina and Serena - three favourites of US Open

the Open championship of the USA crowns a series the Grand Slam . Three tournaments have already received the winners, on turn competition in New York. And again, as well as in front of Wimbledon and even before the Open championship of France, we can say that Maria Sharapova will be one of the main favourites of tournament.
one cannot say that Maria has successfully held tournaments US Series which precede US Open. She has won Cincinnati, but also only. And let this tournament was quite representative (it concedes only to the Grand Slam ), Unfortunately, it is not enough one this victory, that it was possible to say that Sharapova will not have competitors and in the Open championship of the USA. Maria - even not main applicant for triumph. But among other at it more than decent chances to win a title. Let for a season Maria has won only two tournaments (in Rome and Cincinnati), year all the same develops for it successfully - by the time of a toss-up of US Open it was the leader champion race.
Sharapova at crops has received the third number, and the first racket of the world of Carolina Voznjatski has headed the list sejannyh. The Dane on - former does not know victories on Grand Slam tournaments, and still pair of such failures - it is quite possible also for itself to earn a complex. But will make an initiative on US Open to it improbably difficult - public, and especially American public, Voznjatski concerns cool.
All power of support of tribunes will get, of course, Serene Williams. The American does not hide that it prepared for US Open all year, and even failure on Wimbledon does not discourage it, as London was simply razminochnoj a platform before matches on courts Flashing Medouz . And let Williams settles down in a rating nizkovato, only on 23 - m a place, I would prefer it. And consequently that it is supported by fans and consequently that returning will be very beautiful and consequently that younger of sisters knows US Open backwards. Besides on it, in general - that, nothing presses. She cannot win a title - anybody a word to it thin will not tell. It in tennis already has proved all to all, and if this time good luck passes by is in any way will not spoil to it reputation. Unlike same Voznjatski to whom the victory is very necessary.
at the second number on tournament posejana Vera Zvonareva but if to see the matter really, she hardly can count on success, only at the big luck. Very many will depend on the one who will meet Zvonarevoj on its way.
all in female tournament it will be presented vosemju by tennis-players. We represent to your attention their list, and also competitors who will resist to them in the first circle.
Elena Vesnina - Aranta Rus (Netherlands)
Svetlana Kuznetsova - Sara Errani (Italy)
Vitaly Djatchenko - Zhi Eugenes (China)
Evgenie Rodina - Peter Chetkovska (Czechia)
Xenia Pervak - Ana Ivanovich (Serbia, 16)
Anastas Pavljuchenkova (17) - Anna Tatishvili (Georgia)
Alla Kudryavtsev - Anastas Rodionova (Australia)
Maria Sharapova - Hizer Watson (Great Britain)
the Main favourite of man`s tournament will be Novak Dzhokovich, posejannyj the first. He has already won the Open championship of Australia and Wimbledon, and it is very probable that he can add to this set also a title of the winner of US Open. However, he still never won New York, unlike its basic competitors, Raphael Nadalja and Roger Federera.
Dzhokovich spends absolutely tremendous season: from 59 - ti matches he has lost only two, on its account already he has won nine titles, and including five of them on tournament of series Masters. On US Open it while only reached the ending - in 2007 it has conceded Federeru, in last season has lost Nadalju. Has come it is time a revenge?
Russia on tournament will be traditionally presented by Nikolay Davydenko, Dmitry Tursunovym, Igor Andreevym, Michael Juzhnym and Igor Kunitsyn. To expect from them feats hardly costs. Davydenko, by the way, will begin tournament with a match against sensation of this season, Ivan Dodiga which rather has beaten recently Raphael Nadalja.

Nikolay Davydenko - Ivan Dodig (Croatia)
Dmitry Tursunov - Steve Darsis (Belgium)
Igor Andreev - David Ferrer (Spain)
Michael Juzhnyj - Ernest Gulbis (Latvia)
Igor Kunitsyn - Mattias Bachinger (Germany)