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YUKOS - FREISINGER the first in a finishing alignment!

on one of the famous and oldest lines of Europe Autodromo Nazionale diMonza (Italy) has passed a stage opening championship FIA GT. In class N - GT the line of the total report and 7 - ju in the general offset was occupied with crew YUKOS - FREISINGER as a part of the double world champion of Monegasque StefanaOrtelli (Stephane Ortelli) and Frenchman Emmanuelja Kolla (Emmanuel Collard). Alexey Vasileva and Nikolay Fomenko`s Russian tandem long time velborbu for the third step of a pedestal, but from - for malfunctions with new Porsche 996GT3 - RSR has been compelled to stop race ahead of schedule. Thus, YUKOS - FREISINGER has from the very beginning grasped the first position in command zachetechempionata FIA GT 2004.
this inter-season period was very active for Russians. It was necessary to them sdelatneprostoj a choice: to remain in class N - GT or to follow fashionable now vchempionate to hobby and to pass in GT. There were tempting offers and otehnicheskoj to support, and about the titled partners on command. However vseperevesilo the reference of champion stable N - GT, German command FREISINGERMotorpda. sport.
double champion StefanOrtelli and the numerous winner of races on endurance of Emmanuel Kolla became Partners of Russians this year. The technics too has got new, latest model of Porsche 996 2004 year. Unfortunately, to test it it was possible only once, cars postupilis factory only a day before the official tests of the Championship which were passing, by the way, on the same line in Monza. Russians of the technician has very much impressed. Alexey Vasilev remained dovolenispytannym Porsche, having noticed that. Echoed emunikolaj to Fomenko: Boleesderzhannym in the estimations there was Stefan Ortelli. He has noticed that at this Porsche 996 large supply of high-speed reserves and if it is correct vystroitrabotu with options can achieve impressing results. As well as last stage of the championship 2003, the first stage this year has passed Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. The fastest line of the championship demands otuchastnikov the constant compromise between acceleration on long straight lines iskorostju passage of turns or shikan. The Best kompromissaudalos to reach to owners of line Luca Cappellari and Fabrizio Gollin from BMS Scuderia Italia on the car of Ferrari 550 Maranello.
In class N - GT the international crew of command YUKOS - FREISINGER became the first. After quite successful qualifying arrivals both crews YUKOS - FREISINGER had the right to count on hit on a podium. And eslipered a tandem of Ortelli/ Kolla stood a problem to keep the won position, tovasilevu/ it was necessary for Fomenko to advance the basic competitor, Italian team GPC Giesse Squadra Cors. Starting with osobennostejavtodroma and problems facing a command, tactics on race has been defined. Both crews should go with two replacements of racers under the scheme 1 - 2 - 1. Thus, the greatest loading laid down on shoulders of Stefana Ortelli ialekseja Vasileva.
Sunday race has caused huge interest in spectators, which polnostjuzapolnili autodrome tribunes, despite cold enough weather. Ipoluchili weight of impressions. Aggressive contact struggle, collisions, departures from a line, errors of participants, many of which act in etomsezone on the new technics, have led to that to finish from 23 cars dobralisvsego 14.

Successfully having started, Ortelli not only has kept behind itself the first position, but iperemestilsja on some positions forward. Already to the third circle osnovnujukonkurentsiju to it made Porsche at number 99, prepared so FREISINGER Motorpda. sport. Alexey Vasilev, conducting throughout more 20 krugovnepreryvnuju struggle against Ferrari 575 Maranello of command JMB, potihonechku sokrashchalotstavanie from the basic competitor.

as Alexey Vasilev has told then: I managed to be attached in a tail to more powerful avtomobiljui to try to be kept there. As you can see, it was possible. Such course pozvolilmne to keep high enough rate on a line and gradually to steal up ksvoim to competitors in struggle for the third place .

Nikolay Fomenko who has Replaced it has left on a line the fifth, but there is enough bystrovernul itself the fourth position. And even has had time to visit the third, after that Porsche at number 99 has unsuccessfully faced someone from contenders and vynuzhdenbyl to call in in boksy for repair (prolonged almost at an o`clock of race). Odnakona 50 - an ohm a circle brand new Porsche 996 GT3 - RSR at number 77 has shown the eshchedo the end unrestrained customs.
Practically right after how to me have informed that myidem the third, and Ferrari Italian GPC soon should call in on refuelling, our Porsche had a problem at first with gas, and then and with a box. To reach to boksov commands to me, unfortunately, it was not possible, therefore boleetochno it will be possible to tell about causes of defect after the race termination when the car deliver in boksy. It is a pity that from - for technical problems vernyjpodium has been missed - Nikolay Fomenko after race has declared.

the first stage of championship FIA GT has come to the end with a shattering victory Ferrari. On the native earth the Italian cars have shown the high speed inadezhnost, having occupied first five places in race. Line Autodromo Nazionale diMonza has confirmed the glory of one of the most high-speed. In total for 2 hours 39 and 51 second of Ferrari 550 Maranello at number of 2 commands BMS ScuderiaItalia operated Luca Cappellari and Fabrizio Gollin has overcome 500 km (87). The second of - for errors on pit - foot still had their partners on Matteo Bobbi and Gabriele Gardel. The third place in offset GT has got Ferrari575 Maranello from command GPC Giesse Squadra Corse. In offset N - GT, having lagged behind otpobeditelja on 3 circles, the first there has arrived crew of command YUKOS - FREISINGER vsostave Stephane Ortelli and Emmanuel Collard on Porsche 996 GT3 - RSR. Vtorymifinishirovala command GPC Giesse Squadra Corse, the third - ProtonCompetition.