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Rather quiet season (results CHR on bendi)

Dmitry Krjukov

the Come to the end season on bandy in Russia left marvellously quiet. Neither large judicial scandals, nor serious fights, other indispensable attributes of the championships of last years. Not to tell that all peace and harmony, but in comparison with the past - very decent season.

has won both the championship, and a cup, naturally, the Dynamo . It would be difficult to expect something another from de - fakto a world national team. Even a total separation in one point from Sharp-sighted hardly should mislead - there there was approximately a same situation, as in last championship of Russia on football when it is virtual (what fashionable now from Valery Gazzayev`s easy hand a word!) Spartak as a result has caught up on CSKA points, and in a reality all was clear for long enough time before last round.

nevertheless, long enough time the Dynamo and Sharp-sighted went on standings level with, and it is very optimistical fact. Yes, Sharp-sighted during any moments, probably, squeezed out more than the maximum and as a result has not sustained twice - to Kemerovo has lost, too early having believed in a victory, and in Irkutsk has simply lost on business. But that fact that it is possible to struggle as equals practically with car, for Russian bendi is important.

the main reason of the increased intrigue of a season - revival of the second group stage in which the best teams of the western zone play with the best teams of east zone. Plej - off nevertheless gave too a clear advantage to that club which had an advantage of the field in the second match. Now oppositions turned out less nervous and - necessity to win back by all means, say, a difference in four balls was not more integral.

certainly, and now house clubs - first of all, the Dynamo Kuzbas and Baikal - Energy - stand up for restoration plej - off. It would be desirable to hope that the common sense will prevail, or, at least, plej - off will crown a regular season of a superleague in which the best clubs of the West and the east anyway will meet among themselves.

the dream of a superleague chafes for a long time minds of fans, experts and trainers, but, alas, categorically against this idea the president of Federation of bandy of Russia Albert Pomortsev. It would be desirable to hope that when - nibud we - taki the will wait.

now on clubs. a dynamo in this season has won all: World Cup, Cup of the European champions, cup of Russia and the championship of Russia. Practically everywhere in the nearest contenders was Sharp-sighted and everywhere the Dynamo was hardly - hardly more strongly. However, existence is artificial the collected command - the car did not please practically anybody, except bosses of club and a small handful of its fans.

under the existing information, the soap bubble is close enough to bursting. The best Russian trainer, it the main showman domestic bendi Vladimir Janko, apparently, was slightly tired of an event. A little the best hockey players, on hearings, have carried on negotiations with Sharp-sighted and unexpectedly enriched the Rocket . In general if there will be no something unexpected (and the Dynamo it is ready for it), in a following season of such small victorious war it will not turn out any more.

sharp-sighted Despite lacking serious titles, has spent a brilliant season. Taken before a season in a command head coach Sergey Lihachev was considered potentially promising but very few people could assume that it can quickly make such strong and tactically competent command of the players essentially conceding Moscow. Perhaps, the only thing that has spoilt mood to fans Sharp-sighted in a season - defeat on a visit from the immemorial contender Kuzbas after the account 3:0 in advantage krasnogortsev. In the rest of a victory over the Dynamo over the Native land in Kirov, over the Rocket in Kazan and over SKA - the Oil industry worker in Khabarovsk the expensive stand.

now, however, Lihachevu should solve not less challenges. The best bombardir and soul of a command the Finn Laakonen leaves a team in a direction throwing all dollars Rockets And to the leader of half-backs krasnogorskogo club to Valery Grachev 43 years will be executed. Possibly, Sharp-sighted it is necessary to try to entice someone from mighty forwards the Dynamo which it is together obviously close. On - former the command and in the Scandinavian market will be active. It is obvious that next year from Sharp-sighted will wait some gold.

Ayr Kemerovo Kuzbas seemingly, opposite, has come to an end without a uniform large title. The odious president of club Andrey Selsky any more has no such control over judges, and reserves of players to Kemerovo and in Krasnoyarsk have gradually come to an end. I believe, in any measure of an ambition Rural are satisfied by World championship excellent spent to Kemerovo. In the rest to Kuzbas it will be very difficult to interfere with the nearest couple of years in struggle for 1 - 2 places.

the fourth place Baikal - Energy - Doubtless success. After scandals and organizational disorders of the beginning of a season when, appear, inhabitants of Irkutsk in general risked to stop the existence, the command has gathered and has beaten houses in general all. On idea to repeat such effective spurt in a following season it will be difficult, but tremendous Irkutsk fans can send on errands again the command forward.

the Fifth place the Native land - result predicted enough. On the one hand, the Kirov club has acted essentially more poorly, than last year. With another, the Native land still at least some years approximately at one level all the same will act - on new expensive players there will be no money, and old though do not become younger, to a command are very betrayed. Thus, destiny of a season for the Native land usually dares in 4 - 5 matches with the nearest contenders who this year have not gone right to club.

the rocket - A rattling combination periodically appearing in different sports in Tatarstan of a fantastic sum and the organizational disorder peculiar to the Russian bandy. Last year, we will remind, citizens of Kazan should leave the higher league. Them have forgiven, they so-so played the beginning of this season, and have then employed the Swedish trainer Tony Lindkvista, have bought some players and practically before last round applied for the third place.

but it still florets. Speak, for the following season the Rocket gathers to arrive to laurels present the Dynamo and already has contracts with two structures of the first class players. Some experts even consider that the champion 2007/ 2008 is already defined. We while will wait with such predictions - the key factor that as a result becomes with " is represented to me; the Dynamo and it while is not known.

As to other commands all is predicted enough, except unless a failure traditionally strong SKA - the Oil industry worker . From the higher league should take off distressful Orenburg the Locomotive the last some years playing the word of honour. However, whether it will take off or not, apparently, anybody yet does not know. From participants of final tournament of the first league upward aspired only Kazakhstan Akzhajik but to it just has not sufficed by a sports principle a little. What decision will be accepted by federation famous for the paradoxical ideas - absolutely not clearly.

in general, the season as a whole has gone right, considering a Russian national team victory in the World championship and a victory the Dynamo in a World Cup. In Russian bendi it is available financial growth, an aggravation of an intrigue and even some increase in honesty. It would be desirable, that next year in which - that eyelids applied for a champion`s title more - less equal commands. It is assured, fans already were tired of domination someone one and were tired of waiting a healthy competition.

the championship of Russia 2006/ 2007. Standings of a final stage (a place with 1 - go on 12-). Total position

the Place the Command of Game Points

1. A dynamo 22 58

2. Sharp-sighted 22 57

3. Kuzbas 22 44

4. Baikal - Energy 22 40

5. The native land 22 37

6. The rocket 22 36

7. Ural trubnik 22 31

8. Yenisei 22 24

9. SKA - the Oil industry worker 22 20

10. Volga 22 18

11. Sibselmash 22 11

12. SKA - Zabajkalets 22 10