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Vyacheslav Fetisov is appointed by chairman Goskomsporta

the Known Russian hockey player, the head coach of an Olympic team of Russia on hockey Vyacheslav Fetisov appointed by the chairman of the State committee of Russia on physical culture and sports. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the Russian government Michael Kasyanov. It has occurred after the glorified hockey player was accepted by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. At a meeting questions of development of domestic sports were discussed.
after conversation with Vyacheslav Fetisovym the head of the state has signed the decree about reorganisation of Goskomsporta: henceforth it is committee on physical culture and sports, a word “ tourism “ from its name and functions has disappeared.
as the head of department of the governmental information Alexey Gorshkov has given, Michael Kasyanov`s order earlier occupying post of the head Goskomsporta Pavel Rozhkov is appointed by the first deputy of the chairman of the given committee.
Conversations on Vyacheslav Fetisova`s appointment to an important sports post have begun soon after the termination of the Olympic games in Solt - Lejk - City (February of this year). From the legendary hockey player, authoritative and respected in Russia and behind its limits of the person all expect serious changes to the best for the Russian sports. “ the figure of Fetisova can help Goskomsportu and OKR to adjust normal interaction among themselves “ - declared earlier in interview a press - the attache of the Olympic committee of Russia Gennady Shvets. In its opinion, “ in the light of occurring events it is thought that Fetisov serves as the rate in serious game - power repartition in the Russian sports. Not the secret that the conflict between OKR and Goskomsportom has arisen not yesterday. Also it is known that Fetisovu is sympathised extremely with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin “.
Legendary hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov was born on April, 20th, 1958 in Moscow. In 1974 - 1989 Supported CSKA, then has gone for ocean - “ to win “ National hockey league. In 1989 - 1995 played club “ Nju - Jersey devilz “ and in 1995 - 1998γγ. - “ Detroit red uingz “. The repeated champion of the USSR, 11 - the multiple world champion, the Olympic champion 1984 and 1988 the Owner of the Cup of Canada of 1981. Until recently was one of trainers “ Nju - Jersey “). The triple owner of the Cup Stanley (twice as the player, once as the trainer).