Rus News Journal

the Locomotive - Belogore - sevenfold!

the champion of Russia was defined: the Locomotive - Belogore in the fifth match has beaten Moscow the Dynamo and once again became the champion of Russia.

the same commands met in the ending and one year ago, and then too it was necessary to spend all five matches to reveal the winner. Them of a steel belogorodtsy.

Since then the Dynamo like would grow up, however has again stumbled about the same rake. And again remains only with silver medals.

the first party passed in more or less equal struggle only right at the beginning. Then owners of a platform (and to the Locomotive also with a lot has carried) have started to press and dodavili to account 25 - 15.

In the second party the Dynamo has rested, and the account was equal very long: commands went a nostril to a nostril almost to the end of a set. And all - taki again To the locomotive the spurt the victory with account 25 - 21 became which result has gone right.

Understanding, defeat here is no place what to recede also - here will take place, the Dynamo was adjusted to give to the contender resolute battle in the third party, but fight did not leave. The same plot, the same account - and railwaymen have run to swing the trainer. They became champions in the seventh time.
the locomotive - Belogore - the Dynamo 3:0 (25:15, 25:21, 25:21)