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New Champions of Russia on bowling

New Champions of Russia were defined on Friday on April, 27th in Bowling - the centre Kosmik the Capitol . Gold medals have won men`s team SK Adrenaline and women`s team SK Authority .
In 2007 the champion title was challenged by 11 female and 23 men`s teams. On tournament sports collectives from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Vologda have been presented.
in selection round each command has led butt matches on circular system with each contender. Female national teams have coped with this problem for eight hours, having won back the put ten duels. More severe examination - 22 duels for days with a break on a dream 2 - 3 hours was coming men.
as a result of strained bowling - a marathon was defined participants final step - leddera. Four women`s teams - SK Authority (Moscow), Federation of Sports Bowling (St.-Petersburg), SK Megasphere (Moscow), SK the Impulse (Moscow). And six man`s - SK Inteko (Sochi), SK Adrenaline (Moscow), Federation of Sports Bowling (St.-Petersburg), SK Miami 1 (Moscow), SK the Alliance 1 (Moscow), SK Alex (Moscow).
the Final part was spent with active support of fans and under a steadfast look of a TV camera. Events from paths were transferred in a mode of real time for the increasing screens and monitors of bowling - the centre.
a match of women`s teams Megasphere and the Impulse it has turned out grasping. Struggle was conducted to last throw and the total account differed all on one size. megasphere left on the following joint with a command of Federation of Sports Bowling of St.-Petersburg.
Sportswomen from St.-Petersburg have won the bronze medals on this joint, having lost to winners of a match. A command from Megaspheres has held this meeting with the account 6:0 and left to struggle for gold.
on the structure female national team SK Authority the most skilled has turned out and titled on the championship. The first place following the results of selection round a thing natural. A final joint with Megasphere has placed all in places.
the victory with the account 6:0 has brought female national team SK Authority a title of the Champion of Russia, and, passed all step - ledder from beginning to end female national team SK Megasphere the deserved silver medals.
in man`s offset by one of men of the hour there was command SK Alex . If struggle for the first place could be predicted in advance, bronze Alex it is the present sports sensation. The command has come in step - ledder on last, sixth place and on one breath has spent three victorious matches with very dangerous contenders.
victorious procession Alex sportsmen SK " could stop only; Adrenaline to which already in a following match could become Champions of Russia. The match for the first place was spent between SK Adrenaline (Moscow) and the leader of selection round SK Inteko (Sochi).
the Ending played two next paths. The match consists of two games in a format Bekker. After the first game contenders change paths.
command SK Inteko the most titled collective on structure of participants. All players of the master of sports with the richest tournament experience. But chances of players SK Adrenaline have been balanced by concrete experience of game on concrete paths.
having won a victory over a command Alex each sportsman SK Adrenaline has had time to feel a difference in characteristics of final paths. The path at the left was more convenient for a good result, the path on the right was drier and on it it is more difficult to beat out strikes.
a match for a command Inteko began on the left path, Adrenaline began with problem the right. For spectators advantage Inteko was obvious - account 246 on 218. To estimate result Adrenaline in 218 15 minutes were possible only later. The command was ready to difficulties and has set itself a problem on the first game simply to play in plus i.e. vyti for 200 points.
the success in bowling in many respects depends on ability of the player to understand a path and to correct under it the game. In a classical variant the player co-operates with a path all 10 frames and it has time for correction of errors. In a command format Bekker at each player only two frames on dialogue with a path.
in last game sportsmen Adrenaline left on high-speed highway and have amicably pressed on gas - 246. They have removed from a path the same 246 points, as their contenders in the previous game. Now the result of a match depended on, how Inteko will cope problem road.
that that Inteko from a high-speed highway, without reducing turns, have got on bumpy proselok, for spectators it became clear from the first frames. For players the second party became an unpleasant surprise. The first frame with wide splitom remained opened, in the second frame it was not possible to finish spea, the fifth frame has again brought split.
After first half of game when each player has tried a path, on the monitor Inteko there was point figure 72. Only a series from 6 strikes plus 7 kegel could move a bowl of scales though at that point in time time precisely know about it nobody could.
Inteko understood that it is their last chance and tried at the full capacity. Three strikes have put consistently Oleg Kozyrev, Sergey Prohan and Sergey Andreev. On a place of the fourth strike it has turned out eight - spea. Bowling not such simple thing as can seem. If, in difference from many colleagues, Ivan Semenov in first half of game has made a strike its second throw has appeared not such successful.
it was already clear that the victory has left, but Andrey Schultz was consecutive. Two strikes and eight have summed up last game and have fixed result - 198. With advantage in 20 points the victory was gained by a command Adrenaline .
the Most interesting match, a bright victory, delight of fans. adrenaline for the first time becomes the Champion of Russia.
With a good charge of positive emotions spectators and participants have passed to rewarding ceremony. For the first time before the gathered the new President of Federation of Sports Bowling of Russia Alexander Grigorevich Gogolev has acted.
in the salutatory word he has congratulated participants, has reminded about 10 - summer anniversary of Federation, has thanked players for the reached successes, especially having noted Alexey Vasilenko`s bronze medal in the Youthful European championship 2007 and focused to be adjusted for serious work in connection with coming in this year 43 World Cup QubicaAMF which will pass in Russia.
new Champions of Russia were congratulated the head of representation Brunswick Bowling and Billiards in Russia by Karina Malikova and the managing director of bowling - the centre Kosmik the Capitol Tatyana Povarova.
In solemn conditions of winners and prize-winners have awarded with memorable Cups, medals of Rossporta and gifts from sponsors. Spectators and participants have noted a victory champagne.
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