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The hit - parade of events of week

Vladimir Andreev

CSKA became the champion of Russia on basketball, in Paris started Rolan Garros Michael Schumacher has called into question a question on the sports nobleness, but has once again proved that the racer - that it excellent, Russian national team on football has defended a zero drawn game in a match with Spaniards not too torn to a victory, Edmonton has reached the final Stanley`s Cup later 16 years, Andrey Shevchenko has left from Milan - all it in next a hit - parade of week from.

Alonso`s Victory, Schumacher`s shame

Probably, the seventh stage of the World championship on " became the loudest sports event of the last week; to the Formula - 1 - Gran - at Monaco. Has won it that absolutely it is no wonder, Spaniard Fernando Alonso from Renault which has practically provided to itself a title of the world champion. Alonso looks a cyborg who is not supposing errors. But the victory of the modern king of royal races has remained in the shadow Michael Schumacher`s act which for the sake of a victory in qualification has decided to block other racers. an act not simply ugly, but scandalous . As justified then the German as convinced everything that there was it casually, but many have lost belief in its honesty.

an absolute champion`s title of CSKA

the Well-known Italian trainer Ettore Messina, having come before the season beginning to CSKA, did not do loud statements. It simply worked and has proved that is the best trainer in Europe. Even without the core centre capital soldiers have managed to become absolute champions of a season, having won Euroleague ULEB, the Cup of Russia, and on Saturday having added to these titles and the thirteenth in the Russian history gold medals of the national championship . Gallant, Messina! Gallant, CSKA! By the way, there was an information that the Italian trainer after the termination of a following season will work in NBA where some clubs are interested in its services.

start Rolan Garros

In Paris started the second of tournaments the Grand Slam this season - the open championship of France . In the first day on soil courts Rolan Garros there were three Russian tennis-players one of which inevitably should lose. To it there was Vera Zvonareva which have conceded to compatriot Dinara Safina in two sets. Zvonareva only for any periods of a match quickened and played how in 2004, but as a whole for today than Safin is much stronger. dramaticheski there was a match for Maria Sharapova who in the beginning of a duel with Mashonoj Washington looked very strongly, and then has started to suppose weight of errors. The Russian had to win back in the third set three match - bola. After such psychological blow the American any more has not found in itself forces to continue struggle. The first matches on tournament have spent Ameli Moresmo, Pressed Nalbandjan, Roger Federer. Sensations has not occurred - favourites continue struggle.

a zero drawn game of Russian national team in a match with Spain

Russian national team on football has not bad kneaded a team of Spain which prepares for the World championship in Germany. Alexander Borodjuka`s command for all match was noted only by one dangerous blow performed by Alexander Anjukova. Spaniards, not especially straining, created the moments at Igor Akinfeeva`s gate constantly. the zero drawn game in such situation really looks good result, but to beat in fanfares and to shout that we have played well the Lie it. We have played how the command which occupies 37 - e a place in the world, against a strong national team - from defence should play. In this component looked very decently, and in all the others we Wait for Hiddink, in general.

Andrey Shevchenko`s statement for leaving from Milan

the Captain of modular Ukraine Andrey Shevchenko, having spent seven years in Milan and becoming the second in the history bombardirom club (Gunn Nordal is better only), declared that leaves an Italian team . According to Shevchenko, this decision is caused by family circumstances, and at all conflicts to a management or desire to earn. Shevchenko leaves in Chelsea which owner Roman Abramovich dreamt to get for a long time the Ukrainian superforward. It is obvious that the transfer of Shevchenko becomes record in the history of world football.

an exit Edmonton Ojlerz in Stanley`s cup-final

Sixteen years ago oil industry workers from Edmonton last time played Stanley`s cup-final and then the victory have achieved back. This year the Canadian command will be overcome again for one of the most prestigious trophies of world hockey. In a semifinal series with Anaheim Edmonton was simply more strongly. Goalkeepers Mighty Ducks Ilya Bryzgalov and Jean - Sebastjan Zhiger used the best efforts, but to resist to effective game Edmonton could not.

the chess Olympic Games in Turin

In the Italian Turin with might and main there are fights of the next chess Olympic Games. Man`s Russian national team in which structure very successfully plays classical world champion Vladimir Kramnik, nevertheless yet in leaders. Our chess players concede one point to modular Armenia, but it is still possible to correct. The female national team confidently is in the lead.