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May non - stop in the Asteroid

Changeable weather on these days off in any degree corresponded to results on the May ending amateur gandikapnogo tournament on bowling Asteroid NON - STOP . Or on the contrary - results corresponded. We will leave alone causally - investigatory communication and we will concentrate on bowling. As in the ending there were new successful debutants.
after introduction of new regulations when already for hit in League of Applicants it is not obligatory to play to League of Beginners, among those who more recently played an average 150 - 160 points and gradually left on level 170 - 180, began to say goodbye fashionably solemnly to beginners and to pass on more advanced circle of players after a victory in beginners .
last month Elena Orlova has said goodbye to younger league, this month the hard victory was gained by Arthur Arshakjan. Hard as for the first place it fought with Tatyana Koshelevoj who was this time in the good form, in the first stage has given out in one game result 243 (7 strikes successively), in a semi-final has clean beaten Victor Klimov (too, by the way, a good example of a debut - all the second time participates in tournament, and already in a three of prize-winners). In last meeting contenders played practically as equals, Tatyana`s one superfluous error has decided destiny of a gold medal in League of Beginners - Arthur has won with overweight in 3 size.
the similar story has happened in League of Applicants - there for gold battled Alexander Sokolov (a star of weekly tournament Asteroid OPEN ) And Sergey Isaev. Both have made in last frame by mistake and the victory has got to Alexander with overweight in 5 points. Sergey was mistaken the first and Alexander already risked nothing, but all the same from outside looked funny, everyone has made a miss on enough simple combination kegel.
For Alexander it there was a first experience of participation in NON - the STOP, the first, and what successful! Besides a victory in ligovom offset, Alexander has won a joint the master - the applicant and in June Asteroid NON - STOP - League of Masters will try the forces in the most senior league.
Sergey Isaev who has taken the second place not strongly worried - it too more recently has joined in tournament. It is its second ending and short of an annoying error in last game, in the rest it has won back at very good level and as has passed in League of Masters. In which there was this time the most changeable atmosphere.
In a selection stage Nikita Koshelev has set up a record - average on 8 games has made in the pure state 251. 5! Could be and more, but last game I a little has buried - so he has commented on the performance. What to add? It is thought, on its place many too would not be kept from temptation a little to coquet. Sincere congratulations to Nikita!
unfortunately, it could not be present on the ending, no less than one more potential applicant for the four of finalists - Roman Starchenkov. Absence of these two players has a little lowered nervousness of other participants of league of Masters, but the lowest passing score in a semi-final all the same left high enough.
Maxim Kozlov very confidently kept, both in a selection series and in final games it showed good results. To tell - in all games except last more precisely, a little nevertheless has not sufficed also game for 1 place it has handed over, instead of a series of strikes fell down splity - For many it to a pain a familiar picture. Nevertheless we congratulate Maxim - the debut in league of masters has gone right, the second place is too very well.
and the first place will of destinies has got to Dmitry Anisimov. game in a semi-final with Oleg Koshelev was the heaviest. Advantage on bonus points was primary at it, first half of game we had identical results, a strike on a strike, spare on spare . After 6 frames Oleg has decided to replace a sphere and attempt is not so daring - it has caught split also has passed me a little forward, further to play it became easier. And in general it is heavy to compete with Oleg. As a matter of fact my results of last year is in much its merit as it has strongly helped me last year, to year at me game in any way it did not go right, could not to catch the variant, is better to feel a sphere. It, by the way, not only helped me and continues to help - Here such interview was given by the winner of a May stage.
in conversation end - traditional congratulations to winners and prize-winners of the May ending Asteroid NON - STOP in 4 weeks - following, already June. Good luck!
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