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Klichko Vladimir Klichko who has recently triumphally won a title of the world champion among professionals under version IBF is ready to fight with Valuevym

, having knocked out Berda, again has arrived to Moscow to communicate to journalists.

it is natural that the majority from gathered on Monday in a press - the centre MK details of recently last duel interested. Vladimir has noticed that the victory over the American became worthy end of three-year purposeful work. According to the Ukrainian boxer, Berd left on a ring too self-confident t aggressively adjusted, that is has receded from the protective tactics, than Klichko to the full and has used, having knocked out the contender.

after I became the world champion, I did not become nevertheless great and awful with what me often expose - has noted Klichko. It is impossible to rest on laurels, it is necessary to go constantly forward, to be improved. To me it is soon executed thirty years and my best fights still ahead, I trust in it. For me now there is one purpose - to unite in the hands as much as possible titles and, whenever possible, to become the absolute champion .

Certainly, the Russian journalists possibility of a meeting of Vladimir with Nikolay Valuevym interested. The Ukrainian has explained that both boxers and a principle not against an internal duel. But from the Russian giant there is an obstacle in the form of the scandalous promoter of Don King, with which Klichko cannot find common language in any way and agree about fight carrying out.

conversation and on Vladimir`s brother - Vitalii Klichko has come. As the world champion has once again noticed, Vitaly has finished career of the professional boxer from - for traumas and will not return any more. But there is one person who can force to leave again the brother on a ring, it is Lennoks Lewis, but hardly the British himself is going to renew career .

On a nose the World championship on football, and the well-known boxer has stated the point of view on coming mundial. Klichko considers that favourites are teams of Brazil, Italy and France, and Ukraine will play a role a dark horse but which should make the way in process of forces to the ending.

and in the end a press - conferences Vladimir at the desire of the correspondent of the newspaper Pioneer Truth (remained also such) addressed young boys, having wished them to find the place in this life. Also Klichko has had time to complain that on all planet the climate changes, becomes colder, and has promised in the summer to go to get warm to Crimea.