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Chess. Russia has beaten Belarus and Slovakia

In the seventh round of the chess Olympic Games in Turin man`s Russian national team has beaten the Belarus chess players 3 - 1, informs ChessPro. ru. Victories have gained Kramnik over Aleksandrovym, Svidler - over Fedorovym and Morozevich - over Azarov, and on last board Bareev has suffered defeat from Dydyshko. With the same account the national team of Armenia has won against Dutches and on - former wins first place, advancing Russians on a point. At Armenians Aronjan, black the crushed I.Sokolova in 19 courses has caused a stir. The initiative of the leader has supported Sargissjan which have beaten L`Ami. Parties Akopjan - Tivjakov have in a draw come to the end and Van Conducted - Asrjan. The Ukrainian national team has achieved the minimum overweight over India thanks to a victory of Karjakina over Harikrishnoj. On the first board have in a draw played Anand - Ivanchuk. Has not revealed the winner a match of the USA - Sweden. On the second board Berg has beaten Ibragimova, at Americans retaliation was put by Kajdanov which has changed Hillarpa Perssona. Again in group of leaders Uzbekistan, even without Kasymzhanova won against Brazil 3 - 1. Cubans the second match achieve account 3,5 - 0,5 successively. This time they have won Indonesians. With identical account 3 - 1 national team of Georgia has overcome the Polish chess players, and a Czech team - Israelis. After seven rounds Armenia is in the lead - 21 point, further follow Russia - 20, Cuba - 19,5, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Czechia - on 19, the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France - on 18,5. Female Russian national team has strengthened leadership, having beaten shahmatistok Slovakia 3 - 0 (Repkova - Kostenjuk 0 - 1, N.Kosintseva - Hagarova 1 - 0, Borosova - Kovalevsky 0 - 1). The Ukrainian national team has given a floor - a point to Romanians: Zhukov was won by Fojshor, Lagno has drawn with Bogzoj. American shahmatistki have inflicted defeat of India 2,5 - 0,5 (Koneru did not leave on game, on the first board of Harika has made a drawn game with Zatonsky). All drawn games in a match Bulgaria - China (on the first board there were Stefanova - Chzhao Sjue). Georgians have dry won against the Mongolian national team. After seven rounds at Russian national team of 17,5 points, on a point Ukrainians lag behind. Further there are USA - 15,5, Hungary, Georgia - on 15, Slovenia, Bulgaria - on 14,5, China, Vietnam, Latvia - on 14. The central matches 8 - go round: at men - Cuba - Armenia, Czechia - Russia, Uzbekistan - Georgia, Sweden - Ukraine; at women - Russia - the USA, Hungary - Ukraine, Georgia - Bulgaria.