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The best sablistka Europe - Ekaterina Fedorkina!

Russian Ekaterina Fedorkina has won the European championship on fencing which started yesterday in Hungarian Zalaegerszege. sablistok she has won the compatriot the ending of competitions Sofia Great with account 15 - 13. Bronze has got to Italians of Dzhoje Martsochche and Ilarii Bjanko.

Any of Russian sablistok does not like to fence with zemljachkami, and imagine, to what degree close relations at Ekaterina and Sofia if they live always in one room of the hotel!
here and final fight between them developed with variable success. One conducted that, another, practically with the minimum advantage. All Russian fans among whom were Stanislav Pozdnyakov, David Tyshler, Yury Bychkov, in general, stars - sportsmen, stars - trainers, have held breath. Basically, in our street already there was a holiday, and nobody would like it to frighten off.
Fedorkinoj obviously daring finishing spurt. 22 - the summer inhabitant of Kaluga in the life ascends for the first time on the higher step of the European pedestal (in the last year`s championship in Copenhagen it was the second). Sofia Great kept the good fellow. Katya - the magnificent little girl, - has told it to journalists. - and we both were on friendly terms, and we will be on friendly terms! .
the gold medal in a man`s rapier, predictably, was won by Andrea Kassara`s titled Italian. But performance 23 - summer Russian Sergey Tikhonov from Moscow suburbs was above any praises.
the wearisome semi-final in a stuffy hall could take away forces from everybody, and all - taki Sergey has adequately spent last fight, having conceded in a result with the account 10:15. It simply heroism if to consider that in a world rating of sportsmen divides almost fifty lines. And the most important thing - Tikhonov has brought Russian national team third for this day a medal. Now at us one gold and two silver . At the nearest persecutors - Italian national team - one gold and two bronze .

the Press - service of Federation of fencing of Russia

the Rapier 1. Andrea Kassara (Italy)
2. Sergey Tikhonov (Russia)
3. Andrea Baldini (Italy)
3. Zherom Zhol (France)
the Woman
the Sabre
1. Ekaterina Fedorkina (Russia)
2. Sofia Great (Russia)

3. Dzhojja Martsochcha (Italy)
3. Ilaria Bjanko (Italy)