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Het - trik Ernadesa has brought Spain superiority

Man`s Spanish national team on water polo has won gold medals of the World championship in Japan. In a final with the account 4:2 poverzhennoj there was a command of Yugoslavia.
Ivan Peres and Gabriel Ernandes have hammered on a ball in the third period of a meeting and have brought a victory to Spaniards. At the account 2:2 at Yugoslavs the player has been removed, and Peres realised numerical advantage. Ernandes has thrown the third ball in a match and the fourth for a Spanish team. The final period has passed without goals.
the victory has allowed to keep Spanish national team a title of the strongest won in Australia in 1998.
Spain has moved in the account after a throw of Ernandesa. Soon Uskokovich vosstavnoil balance, but in the end of the first period of Ernandes has deduced again Spaniards forward. Ikodinovich has returned to Yugoslavs chances of a victory in the beginning of the third period, but then Peres and Ernades have thrown important balls which have turned a meeting outcome.
In a match for the third place Russian national team has inflicted defeat over Italians with the account 7:6. A solving ball on the account of Revaza Chomakidze for 53 seconds to koncha the fourth period.
game has appeared for us very heavy, - the trainer of Russian national team Alexander Kabanov has told. - we have already won silver and bronze awards. It is necessary to win gold .
In a match for the fifth place Hungarians have beaten Greeks 8:4. The seventh place was occupied with the Americans who have won Croats 10:9. Dutches became the ninth, having crushed Australians 8:3. The national team of Kazakhstan has conceded 11 - e a place to Slovaks, having suffered defeat 6:12.