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Disputable BMW while remained for Ljajsan Utjashevoj

on September, 12th Mytishchinsky city court has left without consideration Victor Lomadze`s statement of claim to Ljajsan Utjashevoj in connection with absence of the claimant. Lomadze demanded to return it BMW car, thus as the respondent Elena Samborenko who has bought from the gymnast the car also has been involved.
Lomadze and its representatives have not informed court on good reasons of the absence. If Lomadze confirms a good reason of the absence under its petition judicial proceedings can be renewed.
we will remind, from the text of the statement of claim follows that Lomadze has got BMW X6 car on October, 5th, 2010. Then Lomadze has written out addressed to Utjashevoj the power of attorney on the management and order right the specified car. In 2011 things have been stolen from apartment Lomadze, including documents on the given car.
on January, 10th, 2012 the power of attorney addressed to Utjashevoj has been cancelled. On the request of Lomadze to return it car Utjasheva has refused, as the car at it was absent.
later the claimant knew that on May, 31st, 2011 IP Astapovym on the basis of the agency contract BMW X6 car has been sold by Samborenko. The agency contract from party Lomadze has been signed by Utjashevoj.
Lomadze demanded, that the contract of purchase and sale of a vehicle has been nullified.
we will notice that 27 - summer Ljajsan Utjasheva - the world champion, 6 - the multiple champion of Europe. Besides, it is the author of four original elements carrying her name (in particular, a rack Utjashevoj ).