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The Ukrainian fans suited a pursuit of the football arbitrator. VIDEO

the Match of amateur commands in the Cherkassk area in Ukraine has come to the end with scandal. Fans after the duel termination have tried to finish with the judge, having arranged a pursuit including on a bicycle, but that has managed to seek safety in flight.
a football duel between commands Hristinovka and the Dawn taken place in the end of October, has come to the end with the account 2:3 in favour of last club. The account 2:2 deduced Hristinovku on the third place in local tournament, but the judge of a match at first has added by the basic time of the whole 10 additional minutes, and then and has not noticed game by a hand at the football player who has hammered in a victorious ball.
such work of the judicial case has caused the big indignation in local fans and they have tried to discuss personally with the arbitrator accepted by it   decisions, but that managed to escape in time.
As informs an official site of a city, on game was present not less than thousand fans and about one and a half hundreds from them have run out in the field after a final whistle.