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The legendary tennis player is accused of pedophilia by six women

Known tennis player Bob Hjuitt in the past accused of pedophilia at once by six women whom he when - that trained. The sportsman is already excluded from the International hall of glory though its fault while officially has not been proved.
the glory hall in Newport has made own investigation. Its results became public statements of six women that they became victims of sexual violence from party Hjuitta. Thus this data is not definitive as not eks - wards of Hjuitta it was possible to phone to all, informs Boston Globe.
Sjullen Shihan - one of the girls who have acted with charges to Hjuitta - asserts that that nasilova it within three years. According to Shihan, to it then was from nine to 12 - ti years. The girl we assert that it occurred in Southern Africa.
Hjuitt denies the fault and asserts that in general during that moment was not in Southern Africa. Actually, my family did not live then in Southern Africa, and were I and my native till the end of 1979 in Colorado, the USA. If to trust the official data Shihan was born in June 1969 - go year, and it means that nine years to it was, when I acted on man`s tournaments. This girl has appeared in my command in 1981 - m to year when she was 12 years old - quotes Hjuitta Tennis. com.
Anyhow, representatives of executive committee of the International tennis hall of glory have taken anonymous voting. On its results the decision on an exception of Hjuitta from a glory hall where it has been entered in 1992 was unanimously accepted.
we will remind, Hjuitt to whom in January 73 years will be executed, has finished career in 1983. Since 1976 he has started to be engaged in trainer`s activity.
Hjuitt is the owner of the career Grand Slam in the man`s pair category, the owner of the career Grand Slam in the mixed pair category, the owner of the Davis Cup of 1974 as a part of the modular republic of South Africa.