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With Spartaka will remove six points for racism

Spartak can deprive of six points in the championship of Russia on football. The Moscow club is threatened with punishment for a racist trick of fans in a match 20 - go round of superiority of the country against Krylja Sovetov . On a guest tribune in Samara given to fans Spartaka the banner on a match, saying " has been stretched; 11 - j number only for Tikhonov, Monkey go home! . This banner has been addressed the black Brazilian beginner is red - white Vellitonu which took 11 - j number. The sizes of a banner did not allow to suspect that the trick has been planned by two - three fans. Now the Moscow command severe punishment waits: RFS, carrying out recommendations FIFA and the UEFA, rigidly enough concerns similar tricks. However, most likely, it will be decided to be limited to the penalty. All - taki fans were limited only to a banner, without barrackings, and according to rules, points act in film only in case of amicable skandirovanija rechevok the racist maintenance. However, considering that fans Spartaka are not for the first time noticed any more in this sort of incidents, punishment can be and more severe. For example, Spartak can leave without spectators. The decision is not accepted yet, and all through round is red - white it is necessary a match against CSKA...
fans Spartaka in general are known for the negative attitude to black players. On hearings for this reason in a command Dutch Kvinsi has not got accustomed. It is not excluded that there will be no also Velliton.

the Press - the club service on Monday has reacted to an act of fans, having published the following statement: Management FK Spartak (Moscow), trainers and football players of a command are revolted by the action pravonatsionalisticheskogo the sense, taken place in Samara. Authors of a dirty banner dishonour Spartak domestic football, Russia. Spartak always was multinational amicable collective, than millions fans of different generations were proud and proud.

from time to time be lost much could, but not honour. Really true fans will admit it and will allow a handful of the hooligans who are not knowing that create, this honour to soil?
we remind that FIFA and UEFA have toughened sanctions for racial and nationalist displays at stadiums. For similar tricks the club can be seriously punished. The softest that can expect club, - a match without fans. At worst - us for a long time will separate from Euro cups.

the purposes of provokers were that?

RFS while has not reacted in any way to the Samara incident.