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Narcoscandal: Braking a national team the Estonian is arrested for cocaine

Attacking the Tallinn club Nymme Kalju and modular Estonia on football of Oliver Konsa it is detained in connection with suspicion in participation in drug traffic. The champion of Estonia has suspended the contract with 27 - the summer football player who expects proceeding.
according to the sports director of club Nymme Kalju Sergey Terekhov, news that the football player of club Oliver Konsa is detained on suspicion in participation in narcobusiness, for all was as a cold shower.
the sanction on detention of Estonian Konsa on suspicion in participation in narcobusiness was given out by Harjusky district court. Criminal case is conducted by the Central criminal police, the State Office of Public Prosecutor supervises over it. Business is raised under article about suspicion in the illegal reference with a considerable quantity of narcotic substances, transfers Rus. delfi. ee.
we Will notice that for a national team of Estonia Oliver Konsa has spent 20 matches, however any ball to hammer to it and it was not possible - that for the football player of its role, of course, rather pitiable result.
the head coach of modular Tarmo Rjujtli wanted to use the forward in a forthcoming companionable meeting with a national team of Oman, but the player has refused the invitation for the personal reasons.