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Fans Pigs have burnt club shop and Fans of the Brazilian club " threaten the president

; Palmejras are indignant in connection with unsatisfactory results of a command.
at returning from Rio - de - Zhanejro, where Palmejras has lost Fluminense (2:3), football players have been met at the airport by group of approximately aggressively adjusted 35 fans who have accused players in nepatriotizme and unworthy game for club, transfers GloboEsporte.
the shop " became the Following victim of fans; Palmejrasa on which walls they have left threats to the president and football players of club. Firemen extinguished the flame which has resulted an arson within four hours.
the president Palmejrasa Arnaldo Tirone during this uneasy time for itself keeps calmness and even jokes: All when - that die, whether not so? If I give life for Palmejras At least, about it will write in newspapers .
we Will notice that at the Brazilian club Palmejras there is a nickname Pigs . To avoid a departure in a series In, Palmejrasu it is necessary to win the remained three meetings Flamengo Atletiko Gojanense and Santos . And also to support, that two from three contenders on struggle for a survival ( portugeza Baija and Sports ) have not typed 43 points.