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The tenth racket of the world have accused of racism from - for breast increases. The PHOTO. VIDEO

the Tenth racket of the world of Carolina Voznjatski has got to enough bad story. All began as a lovely joke - and here already the Dane is compelled to justify and prove that it at all the racist, and the good sense of humour is simple at it.
the season in tennis is finished, and stars have a good time participation in exhibition matches which pass worldwide. Exhibition matches in tennis it is faster entertaining, rather than sports action. Boris Bekker during one of such meetings has taken away points and a coat from one of spectators and played such kind, Zho - Vilfred Tsonga has exposed instead of itself boll - fight in game with Roger Federerom (and that, by the way, has won a point!) Novak Dzhokovich in general has fun as wants, well and Voznjatski with Maria Sharapova played, of course, not seriously.
In one of draws the Dane has decided to represent Serenu Williams for what has pushed to itself under clothes any quantity of towels, having increased thereby a breast and buttocks. At the same time she also resembled along a back line, representing gait of the American. It was pleasant to spectators, and Sharapova was happy.
however after a match scandal has burst. Voznjatski have accused of racism - a pier, its parody was offensive, and that she has chosen the target Williams, speaks about its racist sights.
discussion proceeds till now. The part of the American mass-media has come to a conclusion that the Dane all - taki is guilty of racism, - that it is not necessary to tell a part about racism, but the parody all the same remains offensive.
Serena Williams comments has refused. It is interesting that in WTA Tour Voznjatski and Williams are considered as girlfriends, though practically at all other tennis-players of Round with sisters Williams tense enough relations.
photo AP