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The president of club RFPL: Probably, last year we have played dogovornjak

the President of club Russian football the Prime minister - leagues Krasnodar Sergey Galitsky has told that suspects that its command last year has played contractual a match with Krylja Sovetov .
- the Last year`s match Krasnodar - Krylja Sovetov many have counted very strange. You have understood - why?
- Certainly, has understood. Because factors of bookmakers jumped. But I want to ask you a question: you and truth believe that Krylja Sovetov can offer me any sum of money that I have handed over game?
- I can not. But in the field there are not you, and football players.
- Well and? What could I make? If factors jump, the problem means is. Always. People can speak: we do not know, who such bookmakers, but is nonsense. If factors jump, something means in 90 percent of cases not so. But what you on we would wash a place would make?
- would go to a locker room before game and shouted at players. That if they will lose today, it will be an enormous setup.
- And how you consider, we did not speak before game? Spoke. And further that? I have understood only one: that football players who then played, do not concern me in appropriate way, gives of a word Galitsky Sports. ru.
- There was a problem means, what any player of your command or group of players not so wanted to win this match?
- Yes.
- That is you suspect, what that game could be dishonest?
- Yes. All usually tell: at all of us it is fair. And I suspect! And I will tell more: if and actually was, players to me, to all management of club, trainers have treated with disrespect. And this not deserved relation as it there was my birthday. But I with it cannot make anything.
I did not bring up them since the childhood. They were brought up in other families and have decided that can so to make. Also it is my fault that I took them for work. I for it have paid that we have lost points.
but we should leave a variant that could lose simply in mind. Probably, and was. As many cases in our football when factors skipped in one party are known, and game came to the end absolutely on - to another.
- these players on - former in a command?
- From this structure - someone is, someone is not present.
we Will remind, the match about which goes speech, has taken place on August, 14th, 2011. Then Krylja Sovetov on departure have beaten Krasnodar with the account 2:1. You a meeting have caused many questions in football circles.