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Hiddink will sign the contract after Evro

Yesterday the chairman of the board of fund National academy of football Sergey Kapkov has informed that the new contract between its organisation and Guus Hiddink can remain not signed. - Last days we have completely prepared the contract between NAF and Guus Hiddink. However to sign it we do not hasten. - for what reason? - we Want to wait results of performance of Russian national team in the European championship. - these results will affect Hiddink`s future salary? - Is not present. They will affect our decision, whether we will finance its contract or not. - And unless between you it is not reached the oral arrangement on cooperation continuation? - We promised nothing. Guus has only informed that with pleasure will continue work from Russian national team. But we before to append the signature, we want to understand, what result the Dutch trainer will show. Let`s remind that Guus Hiddink wanted, that as the guarantor of its contract with RFS again has acted NAF which paid its work the last two years. In case NAF will not want to prolong the agreement, RFS (which has already informed on desire to keep Hiddink and has signed with it certain insignificant papers) it is necessary to search for sponsors. If, of course, the Dutch in this situation wants to remain... We will add that this afternoon Hiddink will spend a press - conference. On it he declares surnames of football players which will act in the European championship. Nevertheless in football circles it is rumored that Hiddink intends to prolong the contract with RFS to the European championship. Its desire is clear, but this time it, probably, any value does not play. Whether we will lose our new property? On edition materials the Soviet Sports