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To fans Spartaka the Scandal story with participation of fans Moscow " threatens eight years of prison for robbery

; Spartaka which on the way to Grozny have plundered shop in the Rostov region, it is close to end. The judgement can be taken out already on July, 20th.
- almost year lasts this history, - has told to the Soviet sports inspector Alexey Kovalenko. - It was on hearing in the first days when the information about happened in farm Lenin has appeared in the Internet - blogs and at forums. But then scandal information waves have begun to decline.
- fans Spartaka declare that compensated to the suffered saleswoman all losses. Took the goods on 4100 roubles, and to the saleswoman have returned 7100 roubles, having added 3 thousand roubles from above for mental cruelty.
- Such documents are not present in business. Well, maybe, they there went along the street and distributed to all suffered money on the left and to the right, I do not know. Probably, they on court as the proof will present it.
- tell, what have fixed observation cameras in shop?
- Young men have come the big noisy crowd into shop. The saleswoman all of them has asked to leave a premise and then to come on one. Because they have closed to it the review, and she could not continue to watch a show-window. And at this time, having used a situation, all company began to open freezing chambers, to get therefrom beer, to take packages with juice and hastily to leave.
- and the moment of apologies on chambers is?
- there was no such moment. Perhaps, they where - that already separately have come to the saleswoman and all to it compensated, but on videorecordings of it are not present.
- Records from observation cameras as - that have worked on the guilty?
- At first arrested persons all denied, and one of them even in general said that during that moment he slept in the bus. But when have shown records then already all have started talking differently. In general in the given case the point is not put yet. If we on the basis of records establish persons the several more person they also will be involved in a criminal liability on the allocated criminal case.
- that threatens arrested persons?
- They are accused under different articles. Bitkov, Stefanchuk and Narushevich - under item 161 ch. 2 a Robbery made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement . To them threatens till seven years of imprisonment. Lyapin is accused under item 162 p.1 Robbery and it till eight years of imprisonment.
- what in general prospects of this business?
- whether There are fans under guards or not, probably, we learn on July, 20th. It is clear that children have got to a bad situation. But the law is the law.