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The Russian goalkeeper has died from got in the field of a trauma

In one of hospitals of Krasnoyarsk the day before the goalkeeper of football club " has died; Atom (Zheleznogorsk) Andrey Pashchenko. It has received a deadly trauma during a match against Krasnoyarsk Totema . For life of the sportsman doctors struggled more than week.
a head injury of Pashchenko has received as a result of collision with Krasnoyarsk citizen Ivan Agarkov. In hospital the unfavourable diagnosis has been made to the goalkeeper: crisis of a temporal bone. After that to the sportsman have made cranial trepanation and have removed a hematoma.
all the week long the football player has spent in a clod. However some days ago its condition has sharply worsened. According to the trainer Atom Konstantin Kamaltynova, doctors have done the utmost, but rescue Pashchenko the miracle could only.
condolences to relatives of the player were already expressed by the minister of sports of Krasnoyarsk region Sergey Gurov. At the same time the instructor Atom Named an episode with collision of players game also has noticed that the management of its command is not going to show claims to Agarkov, supervising persons Totema have declared to the correspondent - Sports in the ministry of sports KK.