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The American sportsman is found completely bared in church

the former fighter of the mixed single combats Known for the indomitable temper Jayson Miller has been arrested on Monday. The police has found out it completely bared in church.
31 - the summer hooligan has rushed into church and, having seized the fire extinguisher, has begun to spray it and to spoil all round itself. Besides, it has scattered on a book floor, disks and pictures, transfers The Inquisitr.
the Bedlam in church was found out by the local pastor who has caused policemen.
the police which has arrived to the place of events has found out the infringer without clothes. It was in consciousness, sat on a couch.
the police, certainly, has arrested Miller - for illegal penetration into a premise. It is informed that the sportsman mentally and is physically unhealthy. The police does not exclude that Miller was under the influence of any means.
before Miller have excluded from battalion UFC for mad acts. Recently Miller in the microblog in Twitter recommended to head UFC Danu White to be shot .
Miller has spent in MMA 38 fights from which has won in 28. On its account of a victory over such known fighters, as Falaniko Vitale, Denis Keng, Tobi Imada, Kazushi Sakuraba, Robbie Louler and Tim Kennedy.