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Blohin has lowered Voronina

Scandal in a match Serbia - Portugal has appeared not the only thing in a series of selection meetings of the European championship of 2008. Game between commands of Ukraine and Italy has come to the end with serious skirmish also. The head coach of Ukrainians Oleg Blohin and one of leaders of a command Andrey Voronin have among themselves squabbled.

Ukrainians have got to very difficult group. Finalists of last World championship Italians and Frenchmen resist to them, spoil nerves Scots, in general, chances of Ukraine of an exit from group were estimated as rather modest.

the match against Italy should become for a command of Blohina to one of solving. House defeat actually gave up as a bad job hopes of a trip to Austria and Switzerland, the victory could improve position of Ukrainians seriously.

as it is known, the match has ended with account 2 - 1 in favour of world champions, and the victorious goal of Dee Natal has hammered on 77 - j to minute of a meeting. After a match Oleg Blohin has accused of this passed ball of Voronina which have lost a ball in a midfield. Skirmish in which the trainer and the player have exchanged rather impartial statements was fastened, and next day after a match Voronin has asked not to cause it more in a national team.

played well, but did not realise the moments. If you want to win, is obliged to hammer. Italians have shown it for all hundred percent. Have created a minimum, but could hammer in two balls, - quotes Voronina football. ua. - Understand, I do not love, when me do guilty in all situations. I any more the boy also will not allow, that me lowered .

Blohin has declared that with similar behaviour Voronin can go in Liverpool and in a national team it is inadmissible . Also he has added that in the raised tones Voronin can talk to Benitesom, but in any way with the trainer of a national team .