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Fetisov the Councillor of Federation of the Russian Federation is ready to go on world with OKR

, glorified domestic hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov is ready to withdraw the claim about honour and dignity protection to the Olympic committee of Russia (OKR) and to go on the conclusion of the agreement of lawsuit. It on Tuesday was declared by the lawyer of the senator the Lion Lyalin.
on Tuesday at session of Savelovsky court of Moscow we have concluded the agreement of lawsuit with portal BusinessFM, and the text of the agreement of lawsuit with OKR is not co-ordinated yet from - for business trips of Fetisova. We have intention to go on world - the official site of the Russian agency of the legal and judicial information (RAPSI) gives of Lyalin`s word.
we Will remind that as the basis for claim giving the statement a press - secretary OKR and an Olympic team of Russia on the Olympic Games - 2008 Gennadys Shvetsa in which he has made responsible for dopingovyj scandal round the Russian athletes Fetisova has served. In the statement it was said that Fetisov should bear responsibility for this scandal as a member World antidopingovogo agencies (VADA) and the head of Federal agency on physical training and sports. The claim on one rouble has been submitted by Fetisovym to OKR and a number of mass-media.
According to a position of the party of the claimant, OKR should bear responsibility for the statement of Shvetsa as the persons, authorised to express an organisation position. In turn Shvets which were passing on business as the third party, asserted that its statements did not express official position OKR.
it is interesting that in March of this year the Savelovsky court already considered the claim of the hockey player and has considered its requirements unreasonable. Fetisov has appealed against against this decision, and business has been directed on new consideration.