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The doctors are beaten, not managed to save life to A.Tcherepanov

Today in 8 mornings in Chekhov situated near Moscow unknown persons make an attack on a brigade “ cκξπξι the help “ which the day before assisted known hockey player Alexey Tcherepanov.
two men and the woman are beaten. One of victims - 55 - the summer man - after an attack had a heart attack, transfers radio “ Sports “.
It is established that, despite instructions, on a match between Chekhovian “ the Hero “ and Omsk “ Avant-guard “ was absent reanomobil. By the time of arrival of physicians Tcherepanov was already dead. According to preliminary data, the trauma received during game became a cause of death of the sportsman. At the player Omsk “ Avant-guard “ heart has stopped.
we will remind that   on Monday, on October, 13th, on 57 - j to minute of a match of championship KHL “ the Hero “ - “ Avant-guard “ Alexey Tcherepanov in a game episode has faced the partner. The player has managed to reach a bench where at it heart has stopped.
doctors fast were on a place in 15 minutes, but batteries kardio - a stimulator have appeared discharged, and massage of heart has not given any result.