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Kapello should Latium 21 million dollars

Latium has brought an action against the trainer Rums Fabio Kapello also is going to demand 21 million dollars of indemnification. According to a management of operating champions of Italy, Kapello should be responsible for the careless statements thus. The trainer Rums has declared that with Latium it is necessary to remove all points typed in matches in which Juan Sebastjan Veron (the Argentinean participated it is accused of use of the false Italian passport). Moreover, Kapello considers that Latium should be deprived the champion title won in last season. in cases of use of false passports other federations impose the most strict punishments on clubs. Why at us should be on - to another? Italy why - that always appears behind everything when there are similar situations. Latium Has won a title, using Verona as the player of EU though it that was not - has declared Kapello.
According to a management Latium this statement has caused stock quote fall Latium . For this Kapello should pay 20 million dollars. One million more it should for drawing of a damage to image of club. Latium has already requested permissions of the Italian federation of football to solve this question in civil court. The history should have the development already in the near future.