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Gennady Turetsky is accused of storage of steroids

Grandiose scandal inflames in Australia. Alexander Popova and Michael Klima Gennady Turetsky`s well-known trainer is accused of storage of anabolic steroids. A small amount of the forbidden preparations was revealed in the safe Turkish which has been recently stolen from its apartment. Now the trainer will answer before court a question, whence it steroids. For time which remains before court session, Turkish it is forbidden to work at the Australian institute of sports. As it is informed, any of swimmers in this history is not got mixed up. However, in the ill-starred safe, besides medicines, gold Olympic medals of Popova and Klima have been found also, which grateful pupils have presented to the great trainer.
itself Turkish while in any way has not commented on a situation. Michael Klim is ready to answer questions of journalists on Wednesday. The minister of sports of Australia of Jackie Kelly also while keeps silence. He only has told that struggle against a dope will be conducted extremely rigidly. the government is absolutely intolerant of the forbidden preparations, tells Kelly. - at us in the country the most rigid mode a dope - control .