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The Argentina fans have arranged slaughter

In Argentina after a match between commands Sides of Huniors and River Plejt in Buenos - Ajrese has begun fight of fans. At least, 10 fans and four policemen have been wounded in time of excesses.
fight was provoked by fans River Plejta after their favourites have conceded in basic game with the devastating account 0:3. Representatives of police have declared that the gang armed with stones, attacked the officer, having got a heavy subject on a head. Policemen have opened reciprocal fire, having started to shoot rubber bullets. 14 persons as a result have in total suffered, 72 fans have been arrested.
disorders have begun not only in a city, but also in a province. In small town Adrog quarrel between fans Boki Huniors and River Plejta has ended with fire wound in area of a breast 30 - the summer man. The victim is delivered in hospital in a critical condition.
during the championships of Argentina which history totals almost 100 years, about 207 fans were lost in slaughters and knifing. From them 195 persons have been killed for last 40 years. The main responsibility for the Argentina nightmare bear gangs of football fans - so-called barras bravas (barras bravas). The official statistics informs that at least 6 persons annually perish.
last victim dismantlings - the fan of club Alvarado . He has been killed in February after a qualifying tournament to participation in national championship.